Heritage Foundation: Immigration reform too costly

  • Article by: Jim DeMint and Robert Rector , Special to the Washington Post
  • Updated: May 9, 2013 - 10:22 AM

The economist Milton Friedman warned that the United States cannot have open borders and an extensive welfare state. He was right, and his reasoning extends to amnesty for the more than 11 million unlawful immigrants in this country. In addition to being unfair to those who follow the law and encouraging more unlawful immigration in the future, amnesty has a substantial price tag.

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gandalf48May. 9, 1311:45 AM

Just restrict government funds to immigrants until they become full citizens after the 10 year period. If the temporary residents become a major drain (more than 6 months on government subsidy programs) then revoke their temporary resident status...if they want to gain citizenship they have to go home, enter the country legally and gain the skills to contribute to our society. This is such a simple solution, not sure why politicians can never come up with these ideas.

goldengoph3rMay. 9, 13 2:59 PM

Even conservatives are running away from this polemic being passed off as a serious document. Sen. Rubio calls it "flawed" and 'not legitimate.' Sen. Flake says it "ignores economic benefits." Former governor Haley Barbour calls it a "political document", and "not very serious analysis." Immigrants, legit or not, provide an enormous economic benefit to this country. The sooner the GOP recognizes that, the sooner they will become a relevant party again.

orvestaMay. 9, 13 3:29 PM

GOP civil war continues while their positions do not change. The GOP is still the party of the wealthy and those they have scared into believing their falsehoods. Their message is simple: Give the wealthy everything they ask for, hope some financial crumbs fall from our table and you can scramble for them. Oh... and if you listen to those who oppose us? The boogey-man will come in the night and get you.

cstoney48May. 9, 13 4:06 PM

Richwine’s PhD dissertation argued there are genetic differences in intelligence between races and he asserts that the differences in group IQs are persistent--unlikely to change. He wrote, “No one knows whether Hispanics will ever reach IQ parity with whites, but the prediction that new Hispanic immigrants will have low-IQ children and grandchildren is difficult to argue against.” This is right out of the antebellum South!!! This clown is one of the authors of the Heritage Foundation Study. Anybody want to defend this trash, Richwine or the Heritage Foundation for that matter?

twspt7May. 9, 13 5:57 PM

And the internecine conflict between Shiite(anti-immigration) and Sunni(pro-immigration) Republicans continues with this opinion piece by the Heritage Foundation. Decried by many within the GOP itself, to say nothing of the rest of the country, this paper serves to affirm the status of the Heritage Foundation as one of the major purveyors of polarization in America.

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