Online sales tax sails through U.S. Senate

  • Article by: Jim Spencer , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 6, 2013 - 9:05 PM

No-new-tax pledges in U.S. House may thwart the effort to require online sellers to collect sales taxes.

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gofurnuttMay. 6, 13 6:42 PM

Now I would have no Problem If My wages would just go up more than 6% over a 10 year period.. Prices and Taxes continue to Increase....Wages do Not... I thought that the FED says that Inflation Is under 3% a year......

bannedmuggsMay. 6, 13 6:43 PM

Good to see the Democrats are working for the middle class again.

tnchaskaMay. 6, 13 6:46 PM

I AM one of those small Mom and Pop businesses that will never have a say in this fight. I vehemently oppose this, as it will force me to shutter my business. I cant compete with the Big Box retailers and in fact, don't even try. I have carved my own little niche away from these companies. All this does is give THEM the ability to force me out, as I can not financially afford the Accounting team that would have to be put in place to monitor taxes for all 50 states (nor the software). Downtown rural America cried when these Big Box retailers came to the outskirts and killed off the Mom/Pop businesses and while some took a stand, others shopped at Target, Wal-Mart & Best BUy because of the price and selection. NOW these same retailers are the ones crying as the next new wave of retailing gains a foothold and they are the ones being forced to adapt and change. I don't feel sorry for them, I don't ask them to feel sorry for me. Just play by the rules and don't try to change them because you have the financial clout to put Senator's and Reps in your back pocket.

wulffie22May. 6, 13 6:51 PM

Thanks Al and Amy. I know you had the taxpayers best interest in mind and not Best Buy or Target. NOT!

bannedmuggsMay. 6, 13 7:14 PM

Good to see the democrats are working for the middle class again! And Betty McCollum, my rep, I was almost certain she didn't do anything except fill a chair. So now she finally does something and her hurts us constituents. Nice.

erikj3May. 6, 13 7:30 PM

Won't stop me from shopping online. The convenience outweighs any taxes I might eventually have to pay.

bigbadbeanMay. 6, 13 7:37 PM

The state does not need more of our money. If they are doing this to make it "fair" perhaps lowering the state sales tax should be the way to achieve. The government takes 50% of my income and then wants another 7.2% of what is left. We are over taxed in this country.

gwbuddyMay. 6, 13 7:43 PM

I buy SOME things on the Internet. But first, I want to be able to: Feel, Inspect, etc. those things "In Person". And, as far as Clothing goes, I want to actually "Try It On" and be absolutely sure that the Clothing fits. All this BEFORE purchasing anything. Some of my research can be done on the Internet, but I prefer to actually find what I'm looking for in a Physical store. Everyone has their own shopping preferences. I doubt that an On-Line sales tax will affect people's shopping habits much. Even if States do manage to collect more in Sales taxes, it will probably be spent -- In NO Time -- by our "Spend-Thrift Crazy" politicians. In Minnesota, On-Line Sales taxes might soon be used to fund the new Vikings stadium. We shall see!

jeffreyacMay. 6, 13 7:44 PM

of course anything to do with MORE TAXES always sails right through, thats all the govt. is good at, what have you done for US lately besides tax everything, maybe we should start a extra govt. tax!!!

brotherkennyMay. 6, 13 7:56 PM

Any tax should only be paid to the state of the vendor. This would be easier to implement. Small vendors would only deal with their own states, instead of fifty. It seems like the house should offer that as an alternative plan, Anyone know what the house bill has in it?


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