Minnesota must protect groundwater supply

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  • Updated: May 8, 2013 - 8:32 PM

Targeted fees would deliver better data on groundwater use.

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karb0013May. 6, 13 9:34 PM

What a joke. The DNR's plan has always been to try and get off GF funding. There Eco Waters GF budget was 10 mil. They thought they would lose it this year so had $12 mil in water fee. Turns out its a DFL legislature with a House Enviro Chair that lives in Minneapolis and doesn't draw water from the ground. Hey Editorial Board, gauliable is written on the ceiling.

exhaleMay. 6, 13 9:41 PM

A report from the MIT Technology Review states that ethanol production can take up to 2,138 liters of water to produce one liter of corn based ethanol. Might this be the problem? How does that saying about eating cake go?

Willy53May. 7, 13 6:43 AM

The problem is wide spread. Start with lawn irrigation, golf course overuse and yes, finally realize that ethanol is a loser in so many ways. A rediculous amount of water isused in both residential and commercial grounds irrigation. That is foolish, environmentally destructive and easily eliminated. If we're serious, there are steps we can take right now.

liberallymnMay. 7, 1310:22 AM

I have 5 kids and we get hammered by the DNR for our water use fees. We need to use more water because we have a bigger family, but because we use more water, we not only pay more for our water, but also a higher rate per gallon of water. Imagine going to the gas station and being asked to pay $10.00 a gallon for gas because you drive a station wagon that holds 9 people instead of $3.50 a gallon for a sedan? People would be outraged, yet our DNR has imposed this family tax on each Minnesota family for reasons nobody can explain.

wa0tdaMay. 7, 1311:23 AM

Since there is a natural gas boom, there is little chance that ethanol - the cold fusion of renewables - can possibly compete. Why subsidize this loser that wastes oceans of water while promoting soil-damaging monoculture?

geekcropMay. 7, 1311:41 AM

Anybody talking about human population growth yet?

FrankLMay. 7, 1311:48 AM

liberllymn, I understand what you're saying. Years ago I was a single guy owning a home and NSP under a state plan gave discounts to customers who used less than a certain quota of power. As a single guy, working full time, at the gym after work or playing, I was only home for short periods of time so of course I qualified for the discount without changing my lifestyle. Meanwhile the elderly couple next door, despite living very frugally could never qualify because they were at home most of the time. Same thing with the water use tax, need to find ways to penalize people who waste it on lawns vs people who need it for legitimate uses.

Douglind33May. 7, 13 5:14 PM

Lawn's are a 50's status symbol. Best I can figure, lawn grass is grown so it can be cut and thrown away. You can't eat it or smoke it, so why bother? If you want your lawn to look like Target Field's outfield, good luck.I've been "yard farming" for way too many years. I'd be glad to quit and convert to astroturf, or...?? I quit watering the weeds a few years ago; and like the lower water bill.

thedanmanMay. 7, 13 8:35 PM

Sorry, liberallymn, no sympathy here. You had a choice and made it several times over. Time to pay for those choices. Since you get tax credits, and in most cases free schooling, at more of others' expense for your choices, why don't you consider yourself fortunate and offset your water bill with that ridiculous taxpayer gift? Well said, geekcrop.

cama1May. 8, 13 7:03 PM

Add proposed sulfide mining to the ethanol issue and you have a good idea of why the Legislature is sitting on its hands. Industry rules. Used to be our waters were the most important to Minnesotans. Mining can use hundreds of thousands of gallons of water per minute, billions per year, recycle it until it's so polluted it's unusable, and then release it back to our waters. Our Land of 10,000 Lakes is not going down the toilet; our lakes and rivers are the toilet.


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