Minnesota House votes to raise minimum wage

  • Article by: Rachel E. Stassen-Berger , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 4, 2013 - 1:07 PM

About 350,000 low-wage workers in the state could see a raise by 2015.

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freedumb86May. 3, 1310:11 PM

This is just more big government. Let big business decide minimum wage. It will stimulate the economy because rich people create jobs. We know this is true because we now have more rich people than ever and the strongest economy to show for it.

ginny6May. 3, 1310:20 PM

Thank you, legislators. This is important. A minimum wage increase is long overdue. If it had kept up with inflation it would be well over $10 an hour. Money has flowed to the top in recent decades - there is no reason why the average worker should not share in it. There are employers who would pay a dime an hour if they could get away with it; there are those who would use slave labor if they could. This is civilization, folks. And contrary to the naysayers' claims, very few jobs are lost with an increase in the minimum wage. But many people's standard of living is raised, helping them to advance on the economic ladder. With a minimum wage increase they are also less likely to need government assistance.

nicholas468May. 3, 1310:21 PM

Remember Chris Rock's phrase: Paying someone minimum wage is like telling someone "I would pay you less but it's against the law." If businesses are not successful, it is not the fault of the employee. And if you can't afford an employee, don't have them.

stormwind13May. 3, 1310:39 PM

I hope you all like paying 10 bucks for a big mac meal and 12 bucks for a subway sandwich because that's what happens when government tampers with the minimum wage.

sek2undrstndMay. 3, 1310:53 PM

This is good for the economy but not good for investors like me. If large businesses need to pay more for minimum wage then they have less profit which lowers the stock price and dividends. However, this is good for the economy because typically the people who will be affected by this bill will spend nearly all of the increased earnings. This will increase demand which will increase hiring and capital investments. Recent studies have shown that raising the minimum wage creates jobs and improves the economy because it puts more money into circulation.

ginny6May. 3, 1311:36 PM

"I hope you all like paying 10 bucks for a big mac meal and 12 bucks for a subway sandwich because that's what happens when government tampers with the minimum wage." ------- No, that's not what happens. What happens is there is more money circulating in the economy and more demand, so business is better. And fewer poor people who need government assistance.

rlwr51May. 3, 1311:39 PM

Corporations would have situations like in Bangladesh here in America if they could get away with it.

rlwr51May. 3, 1311:40 PM

More money out there to buy those made in Bangladesh clothes.

lenny7May. 3, 1311:59 PM

If a higher minimum wage is so great for our economy, why stop at $9.50? I say raise it to $25/hour! Heck, let's go for $50!

tdietscheMay. 4, 1312:00 AM

The "jobs will be lost" argument is hot air, mostly. Yes a few might be, but do you really think fast-food owners will understaff or cut the hours they are open if minimum wage goes up? No, they won't. And if every business has to pay the same wages, there is no competitive disadvantage either. At most, they might have to raise their prices 5-10%. Big deal compared to the positive benefits to those min-wage workers who are struggling to pay for food and rent. I just can't empathize with rich owners over poor workers, sorry if that offends the Koch brothers and their ilk.


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