Vikings' punting battle might be over

  • Article by: Mark Craig and Dan Wiederer , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: May 4, 2013 - 6:50 AM

Leslie Frazier compared the punting competition to last year’s brief kicking duel.

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tdietscheMay. 3, 1311:54 PM

I hope CP catches on, he certainly has the raw talent to succeed. No props to the skeptics who think he can't learn the playbook. Maybe he isn't destined to be a rocket scientist after football, but you don't need a 200 IQ to play WR. With the right dedication and coaching/player assistance, he can do just fine. Hope he does, we need skills like his.

toadspitMay. 4, 13 5:30 AM

I love AD, but CP is at LEAST as articulate if not moreso, than he. If AD is intelligent enough to play in the NFL, let's give CP the benefit of the doubt until he gives us a reason to doubt him, eh?

sammy5542612May. 4, 13 5:35 AM

While the Minnesota Vikings were not the first team in the NFL to have an openly gay player, it is wonderful that the Vikings are the first team in NFL history to have a player advocate for gay marriage. I'm proud that he even wrote opt-ed pieces in the StarTribune in 2012. I hope another team will hire him and allow Mr. Kluwe to continue to be an public advocate for GLBT issues.

ActTwoMay. 4, 13 6:54 AM

Sammy...I'm all for a guy being open with his opinions but it would be nice if they were intelligent thoughts. In one " opt-ed" Kluwe said being against gay marriage was hating gays. I don't hate gays, in fact I have never met one I didn't like but I am for keeping marriage between a man and a woman.

vikson64May. 4, 13 8:27 AM

ActTwo, why is it so important for people to have marriage mean what THEY?YOU think it means? What possible difference in your life can it make what two people do concerning love. It is perfectly fine to have your own value system, but it is not true freedom if people can force their values on a whole society, that's called restraint.

shougomMay. 4, 13 8:31 AM

toadspit your comment: "I love AD, but CP is at LEAST as articulate if not moreso" Cmon man. Do you realize what AP went through as a kid how he came up in palestine tx? Not pretty. Why do you think he is such a solid person? Watching your 9 year old brother at age 8 get run over by a car and killed? Having a father in jail? Imagine that life. Anyway some of these guys didnt have the opportunites others have had. Personally I think Adrian has REALLY improved with his interviews. He has relaxed alot more and is taking his time with his responses. Oh and by the way CP is looking like a genious move by the Vikings in my opinion. He has star written all over him. Bye percy have fun in seattle.

vikson64May. 4, 13 8:46 AM

BTW, this is professional football, it's about winning, if Kluwe is the guy who helps move forward to that end, the Vikings don't give a rat's............. what he is expressing. For crying out loud, this team has kept a guy who beat the snot out of his girlfriend, guys who have broken numerous laws, drugs etc. In the end, any pro team is selfish enough that they will keep whoever they think will help them win.

gldolsonMay. 4, 13 9:06 AM

Kluwe is lucky he is in Pro Sports. How many of us that post here could make the type of comments (including the profanity) in our work places? He would soon be fired if he worked in private business and I would applaud that!

bblylevenMay. 4, 1310:23 AM

Kluwe's pending dismissal can be a summed up in one word, drama. The Vikings couldn't care less what an individual players personal preferences are just don't bring unwanted attention to the team and focus on your job. Both Percy and Kluwe broke that rule. Coach Frazier is Bud Grant on ritilin he is so low key, current players would do well to follow his lead. If you rank 19th in net punting yardage and 31st in putting the ball inside the 20 you shouldn't attract unnecessary attention to the team, your asking to be replaced.

thirdrowMay. 4, 1310:36 AM

chris kluwe is smarter than you. he will get a better job than you after football, and he will be remembered as a better person.


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