Gov. Dayton, here's the truth as I see it

  • Article by: Cam Mader
  • Updated: May 3, 2013 - 6:23 PM

 I can’t imagine Minnesotans would be rude in response to Gov. Dayton’s defending his and the Senate’s decision to give themselves a pay raise (“Dayton says forum crowd in Shakopee was ‘juvenile,’ ” May 1). As the governor put it, “It was rude, and if they can’t handle the truth, they can’t handle the truth, but that’s the truth as I perceived it.”

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keychaMay. 3, 13 6:45 PM

If we make the compensation for serving in the legislature low enough only the most wealthy will be able to afford to serve. The governemnt will not be of the people nor will it be for all of the people.

hawkeye56379May. 3, 13 6:53 PM

Mr. Mader: People may agree or disagree with your point of view, but thank you for expressing it in a proper manner that allows both sides to be heard rather than trying to drown out the other side.

digiserv66May. 3, 13 7:01 PM

keychaMay--If we make the compensation for serving in the legislature low enough only the most wealthy will be able to afford to serve=========You mean like the governor who bought his position?

drfranktMay. 3, 13 7:06 PM

The legislature is a part-time job, it was meant to be a part-time job and should be payed a part-time wage with minimal benefits. As the union supporters frequently tell us..."You knew what you were agreeing to when you signed up. If you don't like it, seek work elsewhere!"

Jakein08May. 3, 1310:39 PM

 "Government pension funds severely underfunded and government bailing them out with taxpayer dollars." This is completely false. Minnesota public pensions are self sufficient and HAVE NOT been bailed out with taxpayer money, EVER!

lovetaxesMay. 4, 13 6:47 AM

Jakein08 - Everyone who owns a home, drives a car or pays taxes in Minnesota will chip in to help three struggling state pension funds, the House voted Friday. Lawmakers voted 75-53 to impose a $5 annual surcharge on all auto and homeowners’ policies. The $23 million a year that that would raise will go to shore up a pension fund for police and firefighters. Another $13 million a year from the general fund would go to fix the St. Paul and Duluth teachers’ pension funds. The Senate is considering a companion bill. “These plans have not been mismanaged. They simply need help,” said bill sponsor Rep. Mary Murphy, DFL-Hermantown, noting that the 30,000 police and firefighters covered by the state pension system are dependent on it for retirement, since they are not eligible for Social Security.

elmore1May. 4, 13 7:48 AM

Spot on Cam! We need to speak out and take our state back from the incompetent gang in St Paul during the next election. Our state needs common sense leadership not special interest group puppets.

mplsjohnMay. 4, 1311:29 AM

Keep the salary one should run for office for the money. Seems to me that we have had a lot of average Joe's in office and for many years too. If there is any issue it is with the time commitment and money won't solve that unless we make it a full time paying position. Not needed, not desired.

wisebookMay. 4, 1311:35 AM

Well I do think it is interesting that many of the legislators argue you cannot get the best people to run unless you pay more. What exactly are we to conclude about them since they ran at the low pay level?

garagewineMay. 4, 1312:26 PM

"Keep the salary one should run for office for the money". I understand the sentiment John, but I don't they're getting into politics for the money. Not right away at least. They are getting into politics for the connections -- connections that will lead to high-stakes lobbying jobs once they leave the legislature. That's where the real money is.


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