Solid job gains reported in April; US unemployment rate down to 4-year low of 7.5 percent

  • Article by: CHRISTOPHER S. RUGABER , Associated Press
  • Updated: May 3, 2013 - 6:31 PM

WASHINGTON - The U.S. economy showed last month why it remains the envy of industrialized nations: In the face of tax increases and federal spending cuts, employers added a solid 165,000 jobs in April — and far more in February and March than anyone thought.

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barb_hMay. 3, 13 7:44 AM

The people who make the predictions prior to these reports coming out have gotten them so wrong... all week they've predicted dismal ratings and here it comes in higher than expect. Its getting to be when they say it will be high, you know it will be low, and if they predict its low, it will be high - they should stop predicting and wait for the numbers to come out.

davidtbrooksMay. 3, 13 7:45 AM

Thanks Obama!

palsarMay. 3, 13 7:49 AM

I'm waiting for the Dems or GOPs to take credit for it. It is actually what most "experts" have said all along, leave the economy alone and it will fix itself.

goferfanzMay. 3, 13 7:55 AM

So, one might say the country has survived, perhaps even thrived, the Dire Sequester? Who saw that coming? ;o) Now, perhaps some real cuts rather than just cuts to the rate of spending increases........

MagicMay. 3, 13 7:55 AM

Oh Goodie, more fast food positions have opened up. How about the 20 million people who have stopped looking for work who don't count in the unemployment rate.

ndsulakesMay. 3, 13 7:55 AM

Fools gold these are summer jobs and summer construction jobs including 50, 000 north dakota oil field workers. Plus THIS DOESNT COUNT PEOPLE OFF UNEMPLOYMENT..or just quit working. Wake up america

mgtwinsfan1987May. 3, 13 7:57 AM

Let's see...we have raised taxes, not cut spending and jobs have come back. Imagine that, my conservative friends.

avejoeconMay. 3, 13 8:14 AM

Let's see...we have raised taxes, not cut spending and jobs have come back. Imagine that, my conservative friends.-------Imagine how stong jobs' growth would be if they hadn't raised taxes. Nearly every t ime in history that taxes were increased, the economy slowed and nearly every time in history that taxes were cut, the economy soared.

gandalf48May. 3, 13 8:16 AM

This is actually good news, this is the first employment report that I can say that in a long, long time. The labor participation rate did not decrease, it remained the same at 63.3% AND the unemployment rate did go down. That means we actually created more jobs than people left the job market, as I said this is actually good news. So much for the doom and gloom of sequestration...perhaps we need even more cutting if this is the result.

formergopMay. 3, 13 8:16 AM

The tea party won't like this. Thank You President Obama!


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