It's not Minnesota Nice to disrespect leaders

  • Article by: ROBERT SHUMER
  • Updated: May 2, 2013 - 8:46 PM

The lack of civility isn't just here, but everywhere. Whatever happened to the Golden Rule?

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jjsbrwMay. 2, 13 8:50 PM

Anyone who clings to an antiquated notion of "Minnesota Nice" is fooling themselves. We are a bunch of self-patronizing, passive-aggressive, icicles.

badcopperMay. 2, 13 9:00 PM

Stated plainly, we are losing — we have lost — respect for our government and public officials-------- i was raised withthe concept that respect has to be earned. You can respect the offic but not respectthe person holdingthe office.

goferfanzMay. 2, 13 9:09 PM

Nobody was less civil than the same Gov Dayton in 2011-2--> when he repeatedly insulted the duly elected GOP legislature. I guess what goes around, comes around. Indeed, I have personally witnessed tomatoes hurled at a Palin MOA book signing. Tom Emmer was attacked at a campaign event. How about glitter attacks?......... Alas, the trouble is now that neighbor cant get along neighbor, so why would we treat politicians well? The 2012 cycle was the first time our house had something beyond the simple stealing a campaign sign occur. This included campaign signs/frames destroyed and the debris left on our property (several times), and dog excrement put in our outside garbage bin. America is in decline, it starts with 41% illegitimacy rates and ends in massive incivility. Get used to the new normal....

Mrs.JackJonesMay. 2, 13 9:12 PM

Wrong headline, what "leader".

lenny7May. 2, 13 9:20 PM

Dayton is a Governor, but he is not a leader.

michaelpatrickMay. 2, 1310:00 PM

People seem to have forgotten that "Minnesota Nice" is a sarcastic label. It refers to projecting the appearences of being "nice" and "accepting" and "passive" while in actuality being judgmental, not so nice, and passive-aggressive underneath the veneeer of pleasantness.

jonnoMay. 2, 1310:00 PM

This is all part of being in a democracy. I would suggest that the people in the audience were just as offended by Dayton as he was of them, and they have every right to speak their minds in a public forum. Since when did our elected leaders become so thin skinned?

ginny6May. 2, 1310:07 PM

Governor Dayton always handles himself with class. Even in the face of rubes.

goferfanzMay. 2, 1310:39 PM

"""Governor Dayton always handles himself with class."""...Good one! I have never seen a politician of either party consistently look so clueless in front of a camera. He really has that "deer in headlights" look...endlessly. I admit he is a 1%'er politician I simply dont like, but on a human level he seems like a sad soul.

boozlesMay. 2, 1311:03 PM

Teapublicans in Minnesota and all across the country have been indoctrinated by their hate-filled talk radio heroes (Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity etc.) who constantly teach their listeners that talking over people, bullying and being louder than everyone else wins the argument. They have no respect for ant political position unless their party occupies it. They have no time for differing opinions and will even resort to intimidation and threatening behavior in order to push their views on to others. Minnesota has its political version of the zebra mussel infestation and their called the Tea Party.


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