Vänskä threatens to resign if Minnesota Orchestra lockout isn't settled

  • Article by: Graydon Royce , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 3, 2013 - 8:41 AM

Worried over Carnegie Hall date, conductor says Minnesota Orchestra labor dispute must end by September at the latest.

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ubetcha101May. 2, 13 3:23 PM

Well, learn something from the Crystal sugar lockout. This can go on for a long time.

pcole2001May. 2, 13 3:23 PM

It's about time Osmo weighed in.

yargadMay. 2, 13 3:34 PM

Past time for adults on both sides to pull up their socks and get a deal done. From what I hear the ball's in management's court to come across with a credible financial analysis. But I don't think they'd be all that broken up if Osmo and the MO just went away so they could book more out of town jazz and pops acts in their shiny new taxpayer-supported concert hall. What would the reaction be if Zigy decided to sell the team and use his new stadium we're paying for for monster trucks and swap meets I wonder.

thisislameMay. 2, 13 3:45 PM

So he is really just worried about himself.

swschradMay. 2, 13 3:47 PM

I think the board is going to get their way, with the musicians and support staff moving on to better things and brighter prospects. then thay can sponsor 101 Kazoo Night in their finely-upgraded new building and new lobby. the lobby's use of tax funds will be a great incentive for selling Milwaukee's Best during intermissions to the new patrons.

franknjackMay. 2, 13 3:53 PM

Considering he's still getting paid, I commend his stepping forward, but why did it take so long?

mikehessMay. 2, 13 4:00 PM

Getting Osmo to leave, along with all that expensive talent would be a great coup for management, perhaps they will get a performance bonus above and beyond the savings they generated by the lockout. Fortunately I hear the conservatories are turning out tons of conductors who would work out just fine.

gadams500May. 2, 13 4:04 PM

Excellent letter he wrote. This issue is squarely in the boards hands. The musicians have other options and will pursue them. The Board will get what they deserve (a second or third rate Orchestra)unless they start being reasonable. They will have a new snazzy lobby to toast each other in and tell each other how smart they are and how greedy the peasants are.

isbjornmydogMay. 2, 13 4:09 PM

What makes me crazy is the number of fundraising calls I get for this Orchestra-I cannot give until this is settled. I cannot give knowing the orchestra has no deal and seeing the new building go up. I am with the conductor-this orchestra drives everything. The managment has got to settle this-incedibly dissapointing seeing how this has been managed.

mpfialaMay. 2, 13 4:15 PM

Great. New Orchestra Hall lobby to sell more cookies and wine. No great orchestra there anymore. Thank alot Campbell and your minions. This isn't a bank, like you're used to running, this is an artistic ensemble. Try applying a little 'taste' in your negotiations.


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