Solar firm's break passes House; bike safety provision stays

  • Article by: Pat Doyle , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 2, 2013 - 11:20 PM

“Made in Minnesota” mandate is secured in new transportation policy bill.

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boboboboMay. 2, 13 3:49 PM

The "practice freeway" is a joke. It's just a Revenue Generator hiding under the guise of pandering to the whining NIMBYs that blocked the completion of 35E for decades. This could only happen in Minnesota.

stado84May. 2, 13 4:04 PM

45mph on that stretch is a joke. I saw a state trooper today flash his lights for just a second to get someone to speed up and merge with traffic in the right lane so he could a reasonable speed. The trooper didn't go anywhere in particular after that just sped up to about 55 mph. I know this because as soon as he passed everyone, including me, matched his speed.

gopher68May. 2, 13 4:27 PM

Agreed bobobobo. The NIMBY crowd wants all of the amenities of living in the city with none of the hassles, even if that means 100,000drivers a day are affected. Selfish.

rshacklefordMay. 2, 13 4:48 PM

bobobobo is absolutely correct. I have to drive this stretch occasionally and if it is hereby declared a "practice freeway," I will therefore be practicing the use of my horn along the way. You see, I don't get much opportunity to do so on freeways because I am always busy driving at a high speed but if I'm going to be traveling 45mph on a very wide and smooth road designed for 60mph, I'm sure I can drive safely and practice using my vehicle's horn at the same time. If I was going 60mph, probably not as I would need to concentrate on the road. The point is: this needs to STOP. Are Harleys banned from driving that stretch of road? Those are certainly quite loud and loud for a longer amount of time due to the 45mph speed limit.

kleindropperMay. 2, 13 5:11 PM

How much more money is this state going to waste on the slouches in the iron range? Solar!?! Have you taken a look outside today? What a joke.

shakingcoldMay. 2, 13 5:28 PM

Well, we may tweet and send suggestion to ROC (ride-of-the-century) bikers to include that 35E section for 2014.

thedanmanMay. 2, 13 5:34 PM

House keeps pork for Minnesota-made solar panels, taxpayers ripped off yet again. I find it asinine we keep handing these companies money under the guise of jobs. Another pork project up there is that $10M+ coal gasification - err now - natural gas plant that exists only on paper that they keep throwing money at so a couple can call themselves CEO of a power company. Last session, they were proposing to put MORE state tax money into it in case it becomes viable and actually gets built so they can pay back the loan. What a Deal!

swmnguyMay. 2, 13 6:05 PM

I'd rather spend our state dollars on companies in Iron Mountain (Silicon Energy) and Bloomington (TenKsolar), employing Minnesotans, than send it to China. The Chinese may make things cheaply, but cheap is cheap, and they aren't always looking out for the best interests of Americans.

liberaleliteMay. 2, 13 6:17 PM

I drive 35E a fair amount, and it's not that bad. Of course it would be great if the speed limit was 60. But it honestly adds less than a minute to your commute to drive at 50 (nobody drives it at 45 and you still get passed by the cops). Here's my brilliant plan for the rest of you. Spend 5 minutes driving that stretch at 50 MPH... but be relaxed! Rather than spending 5 minutes driving from 7th St to 94 all stressed out because if a law changed you could drive it in 4 min.

rolflindyMay. 2, 13 6:23 PM

Forcing solar is complete madness. Worse the ethanol mandate.


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