Fresh off major victory, NRA prepares to rally troops again at annual convention in Houston

  • Article by: JIM VERTUNO , Associated Press
  • Updated: May 3, 2013 - 5:59 AM
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SwiftBoatMay. 2, 13 8:34 PM

It will be huge! They are expecting record crowds! I am the NRA.

bgronniMay. 2, 13 8:54 PM

There will be record crowds. I just recently became a member. probably wouldn't have had it not been for the recent push by the left to limit law abiding citizens rights.

milkman53May. 2, 13 9:11 PM

Did the NRA win? We'll see.

Spiker1May. 2, 13 9:17 PM

@milkman53: No the NRA did not win.....the American people won....and the Constitution libs can't handle that your agenda is being totally renounced.....

owatonnabillMay. 2, 13 9:33 PM

"Fresh off major victory, NRA prepares to rally troops again at annual convention in Houston" ................... Hmmmm. Even now, the Strib and the other liberal water-carriers are unable to face the truth. This was not the NRA's "major victory". To make such a statement is precisely the same as stating that any advance of pro-abortion rights is a "major victory" of Planned Parenthood. The NRA is barely six million people. The "major victory" here is that of the PEOPLE. Even in Minnesota, that bluest of all blue states, a solidly-democrat legislature and governor were unable to get past the starting gate on any kind of further-restrictive gun legislation, publically admitting defeat in a political climate where one would think that victory is certain. The NRA may be the target, but victory belongs to America.

staransicklMay. 2, 13 9:39 PM

Wish I could go! Just upped my Life Membership to an Endowment Member back in February!

duckhook101May. 2, 13 9:51 PM

Thank you NRA.

markeyboyMay. 2, 13 9:51 PM

I have seen gun show attendees walking around with a gun for sale note pinned to their jacket and willing to show pictures on the spot. Criminals would be too stupid to cut a deal in the parking lot, and pay cash. Victory.

mankato58May. 2, 1310:11 PM

The number one Teaching, Safety, and Competition firearms organization in the nation, and number three or maybe smaller protector of the Constitution organization in the nation has a convention, and the media will only tie it to politics. I was taught that reporting the news required learning about your subject, but the media has no intention of ever learning who or what the National Rifle Association or its members are about. Some day I will go, but until I get there I will watch the feed and read the reports.

sharkysharkMay. 2, 1310:57 PM

There seems to be no limit to what the White House (and their minions) will do to present their agenda as "reasonable". Nothing could be further from the truth. No amount of "spin" from the mainstream media will make it true. Attempting to vilify the NRA and marginalize legitimate gun owners is a failed strategy. The NRA is a 140 year old organization that is the cornerstone of firearms safety education. There are more than 5 million dues-paying members that are your friends and neighbors. They are Democrats and Republicans and are the "good guys".


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