Coleman, Catholic Charities launch task force to remake Dorothy Day Center

  • Article by: Kevin Duchschere , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 3, 2013 - 6:19 AM

A high-powered task force will explore how to expand and reshape the Dorothy Day Center, perhaps in a new location.

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MichJoe500May. 2, 13 8:33 AM

Glad to see the good people and organizations doing good for the people in our community.

highiqMay. 2, 1310:18 AM

"Dorothy Day is the largest shelter in Ramsey County, and provides shelter for 81 percent of the county’s homeless. It also is Ramsey County’s only shelter for homeless women."...I wish more people would remember this before bashing the Catholic church. Their donations provide millions in charity around the country. Also, if you are a single woman without kids, finding a shelter is next to impossible.

citypersonMay. 2, 1310:22 AM

Higher Ground in Minneapolis is an incredible facility for the homeless. They give linens to the homeless to use for the bunks, and the facility washes the linens weekly. There are adequate number of showers, sinks, stalls, urinals, etc. to meet the needs. Higher Ground can always use white standard pillowcases, wash cloths, bath soap, shampoo, deodorant, and toothpaste if you or your organization would like to donate!

dlweidtMay. 2, 1310:23 AM

If a person makes a contribution to this project, what assurance is there that the money would be used to combat equal rights for all?

swschradMay. 2, 1311:33 AM

every time this subject comes up, I think about all the bank-owned foreclosures rotting locked, and wonder why nobody can put a system together to rent these facilities for their carrying costs to shelter the homeless, or arrange a dirt-cheap sale to somebody who is trying to get back on their feet. does anybody have the answer? anybody? Bueller?

bannedmuggsMay. 2, 1312:40 PM

A task force? What's the turnaround time for recommendations? People are suffering now! And Chris Coleman, you have virtuously ignored homelessness until today. What's up with that? Re-election? No more dog parks to open? Let's watch to see how fast this falls of the politician s' radar. My guess is as soon as the photo op is over.

johnmplsMay. 2, 13 1:30 PM

I don't get it. Minneapolis is 6 years into their 10 year plan to eliminate homelessness. President Obama has spent 5 years being laser-focused on the poor and homeless. Yet we see this, and the food shelf I work at is way over capacity. Maybe we progressives don't have all the answers.

dbarton12May. 2, 1310:18 PM

What is this really about? Is it to get Dorothy Day out of downtown St. Paul so they can use that prime real estate for a Wild practice field to be funded by the taxpayers for yet again another undeserved benefit to sports team owners? Or is it to give the land to some other corporate leech? I doubt that Coleman really cares about homelessness. I expect they will want to stick the homeless in some godforsaken place, which will make it harder for the homeless to get to their other resources, such as the Salvation Army. I can't imagine that Coleman--the worst mayor we've ever had and the biggest booster of corporate welfare that St. Paul has ever had--cares about anything but helping his corporate friends.

Opus2013May. 2, 1310:48 PM

RE:highiq "I wish more people would remember this before bashing the Catholic church." ----------------------------- I don't disagree with your sentiment. But, lets be clear. Catholic Charities operates separately from the Archdioces and receives a small percentage of their budget from the Archdiocese. Catholic Charities does amazing work and they are to be commended. But, because of some controversial positions that the Archdiocese takes, CC probably lose more money because of their affiliation with the Archdiocese than they get in return.

perronjpMay. 3, 13 6:41 AM

Re: "Coleman, Catholic Charities launch task force to remake Dorothy Day Center" - dbarton12 is right on the money; This is all about getting the DD Center out of sight and mind. Where are the liberals like Coleman who scream from the rafters when a kid utters a prayer in a public school that we must have separation of Church and State? Now Coleman himself wants to climb into bed with the Church. Now, before any of the high strung and high minded liberals say "how dare I, Coleman is a Catholic himself", let's remember his stance on abortion and gay marriage.


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