SD tribe faces deadline, $4.9M price to block development near Wounded Knee massacre site

  • Article by: KRISTI EATON , Associated Press
  • Updated: May 1, 2013 - 6:10 PM
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palsarMay. 1, 13 8:15 AM

Maybe some of the casino-owning tribes from around the country should come to the aid of their fellow native Americans and buy the land.

nightshade77May. 1, 13 8:37 AM

Get the site designated as a National Historical site and it won't matter who owns it - it cannot be touched. Not many sites deserve the designation more.

pthielen1960May. 1, 13 8:56 AM

What about NAGPRA (Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act)? This should work.

cambec0523May. 1, 13 8:57 AM don't make hundreds of millions on gambling addictions and then get to take the moral high ground regarding how others choose to make money from the sale of their property. If you want the land, pay the man his price or don't buy it.

mgtwinsfan1987May. 1, 13 9:43 AM

A sense of history is an important thing for any state or nation. The historical site process begs to be used to purchase this land at a reasonable rate from this blood-sucking land-owner.

mnmaggiemnMay. 1, 1310:33 AM

@cambec0523@ Most Native Americans and tribes hold a great regaurd for sites like this and would do anything to protect them. Dont you think if they had this amount to just throw around, they would be trying to? How would you feel if you were told that your parents grave was going to be stomped on and built upon and you probably would no longer be able to visit unless you paid an unreasonable price? I understand wanting to make some money but this landowner is just being barbaric about it. I hope they are able to settle this. Mr O likes to run to the aid of everyone else, I hope he assists in this matter.

tooty123May. 1, 1312:02 PM

The asking price is obscene! But the landowner knows it and also knows the Pine Ridge tribe is the poorest in the nation. What did he do or use the land for in the past? He has an investment buyer already for $1.9 mil? Why would an investment buyer pay an outlandish price for land that is valued at $7,000 and $17,000 in the middle of SD? Also, it is a shame how the state of South Dakota treats its Native American people and this landowner is just one of the many residences in SD who treat them the same way.

tooty123May. 1, 1312:05 PM

P.S.---I was wrong on the asking price! It's $4.9 million.

stribboogerMay. 1, 1312:13 PM

Time to bury this piece of history once and for all!

atoonceMay. 1, 1312:22 PM

I don't get parts of this story. If the tribes don't buy it, then how much does the landowner make? $14,000? And who is the other mystery buyer, how much are they offering and what are they going to do with it? How exactly are they going to develop it? Isn't it kind of in the middle of nowhere?


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