Lex’s rooftop patio plan unsettles some in St. Paul

  • Article by: Kevin Duchschere , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 30, 2013 - 9:50 PM

Grand Avenue landmark says it needs outdoor dining to survive the slow summer months, but some neighbors fear nightly noise.

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raybeamApr. 30, 1310:54 PM

The owners used the old "foot in the door" trick to placate any early resistance, promising a small limited use and then quietly expanding their plans later. I've seen this technique used before by developers and politicians. Well, a late-night outdoor patio with drinks is going to be noisy and the states noise ordinances won't save you, they don't apply. I don't know about St Paul's noise regulations but Mpls' are worthless. Try to get their promises in writing.

twincitizen1Apr. 30, 1311:20 PM

St. Paul has got to do something about the chorus of Debbie Downers that show up to oppose anything fun: Cupcake on Grand, BWW on Snelling, expanded sidewalk seating in Lowertown...I'm sure there are countless other examples. People who are in favor of these things generally don't speak out or show up at public hearings, probably because they have better things to do. The result is that the only voices in these 'controversies' are the CAVE people: Citizens Against Virtually Everything

dtmonkeyboyMay. 1, 1312:11 AM

I lived for 10 years behind Lyndale ave in Minneapolis. Neighbors always wanted to fight development...but when you live behind an area zoned for businesses, you can't expect only single story, low use development. The problem isn't what the Lexington is planning. the problem is that the neighbors have unrealistic expectations. I recommend the Lexington move downtown Minneapolis - it is booming!

michaelpatrickMay. 1, 13 3:40 AM

More NIMBY insanity from Crocus Hill residents. It's rooftop dining at a relatively fancy, mild, quiet restaurant mostly frequented by the middle-aged and seniors. It's not like it's a bar that's going to be having rock bands playing on its roof. Grand Ave is a commercial zone, always has been, and there's steady traffic at Grand and Lex. Move to a suburb if you don't want to be near businesses, or at least move away from the very commercial Grand Ave.

olson123456May. 1, 13 6:29 AM

Between the neighbors who always say not to development and the city who always says yes to more regulation and red tape, it is no wonder St. Paul is in the shape it is in. I've worked downtown for most of my 30+ years and it is not getting better. It is getting worse.

samiamMay. 1, 13 6:56 AM

Eventually the NIMBY's will kill Grand Ave. The city needs to stop catering to the few that seem to be able to shoot down any reasonable development and focus on rehabbing other areas. There are many areas that would love to have the Lexington, Cupcake etc in their back yard

sgjsdadMay. 1, 13 7:20 AM

What michaelpatrick said....double it from me!

drschlaeferMay. 1, 13 7:42 AM

I have lived in the Crocus Hill neighborhood > 15 years, and am originally from Mac Groveland. I FULLY endorse having the rooftop terrace space developed - it's a no brainer. People who buy houses fronting the Grand Avenue alley should know what they are getting into. Move to Fairmont if you don't want the Grand experience. You do not have the right to strangle businesses to maintain a 1960 environment. The Lex is way senior to you and is a cornerstone of the neighborhood. I would rather see it flourish! Good for the Hickey's for doing this - thank you.

raybeamMay. 1, 13 7:57 AM

Say you bought a home next to a corner drug store; that's good. Then one day the drug store goes out of business; that's bad. Then someone buys the building and opens a nice restaurant; that's good. Then the restaurant goes out of business; that's bad. Then a new owner buys the restaurant and wants to add live music; they promise it's just for small groups of acoustic folk and jazz music; maybe that's not so bad. O.k., the city gives them the permit. Then they install a sound system with big bass speakers and a disco light system. Hey, you shouldn't be complaining about the noise. What do you expect living right next to a night club!

FrankLMay. 1, 13 9:19 AM

Don't worry, I am sure Dave Thune will find a way to derail another business in St Paul. St Paul is the perfect example of Local Government Aid is bad. Too often they will stop businesses from expanding and creating more jobs and tax revenue.


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