Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton says forum crowd in Shakopee was ‘juvenile’

  • Article by: Rachel E. Stassen-Berger , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 1, 2013 - 5:42 AM

“I’ve been all over the state and I’ve never had people behave this rudely,” he said.

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kleindropperApr. 30, 13 9:33 PM

Thieves like Dayton should stay in their holes. Don't expect a warm welcome from the people you are stealing from.

chablis28Apr. 30, 13 9:47 PM

Its too bad that people can't strongly disagree and yet be civil. Activist and partisans in BOTH parties are guilty of this behavior. It's not exclusive to one party or the other. I disgree vehemetly with Dayton and wouldn't hestitate to ask him extremely tough questions but, I would still allow him make his point.

craiganglinApr. 30, 13 9:50 PM

The behavior the Governor experienced is an extension of what one hears daily on political talk radio in the twin cities. The norm has become to talk derisively and disrespectfully toward others, regardless of their standing or position. The conservative voice in Minnesota has been hijacked by a bunch of loudmouth louts. I am a Scott County resident and offer my apologies to the Governor for the treatment he received. By the way, I consider myself on the conservative end of the spectrum.

antagonistApr. 30, 13 9:55 PM

You and your DFL party want to raise taxes on everyone to make almost twice what is needed to balance the budget with no mention of budget cutting. Everywhere you go will be like walking into the lion's den. Better get used to it.

chablis28Apr. 30, 13 9:55 PM

By the way, I watched the White House Correspondent dinner the other night and couldn't believe the tasteless slams almost exclusively directed at Republicans, conservatives and middle aged white males like myself. I took mega offense to that behavior too. If anyone doubts widespread liberal media bias you need only have watched that event. I was embarassed for the president, the host and, the audience laughing at the pervasive rude slams on conservates. That event did nothing to promote civility.

perronjpApr. 30, 13 9:55 PM

Dayton was treated nowhere near as disrespectul as a conservative speaker is treated as they try to address an audience on a liberal college campus. At Least Dayton was able to finish his speech even though a couple of catcalls came his way. Good thing Dayton has his liberal bloggers saying he was treated badly and the Red Star backing him up. The guy had a 667 million dollar projected deficit and raised taxes on things that will directly impact the poor 1.8 Trillion dollars. And he expects no one to take him to task? Hey Dayton, get a clue; don't go to Shakopee where the people work and pay taxes to support your welfare State in Hennipen and Ramsey Counties. Go to Rybaks Mpls. or Coleman's St. Paul and bask in the adoration.

sek2undrstndApr. 30, 1310:05 PM

Most of the people in Shakopee criticize government at every turn. Yet the very same people also rely on government spending to get to work everyday when they drive across the bridge over the Minnesota River and on 169.

jonnoApr. 30, 1310:39 PM

Maybe it's because the people in this district actually pay a hefty amount of taxes already and don't subscribe to his libtard views. I guess you're free to have an opinion as well as it's the politically correct (albeit intellectually bankrupt) one. What was he thinking going out there with that garbage anyway?

kilofoxApr. 30, 1310:47 PM

craiganglin....The Republicans have been hijacked by loud mouth louts? And Occupy Wall Street and the such would be what exactly? Oh yea, democracy, I forgot. It's democracy when it's from the left, but a bunch of loudmouths if it's from the right.

budsvikes1Apr. 30, 1310:55 PM

You want to see a governor treated rudely just look at how the libs treated Walker in Wisconsin the last two years. But the budget is balanced and they're not raising taxes in Madison.


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