Hennepin County should fly the U.N. flag once again

  • Article by: James W. Nelson
  • Updated: May 1, 2013 - 11:49 AM

Hennepin County did for nearly half a century, but quietly stopped.

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cmo55Apr. 30, 13 8:20 PM

Mr. Nelson states his affection for an organization that started with noble intentions. Presently, the UN is a politicized organization bent on destroying the United States. The County Commissioners made the correct decision in 2012.

libsheepApr. 30, 1310:17 PM

Mr. Nelson, I'd rather see th U.N. removed from American Soil. It is a disgraceful organization now, not the noble organization it started out to be - but like so many noble ventures, it soon was corrupted by money and power.

mdachsApr. 30, 1310:45 PM

The U.N. ranks high among the most ineffective political organizations that ever existed! It stood by while tens of thousands of people were killed in various African countries, brought disease to Haiti which has been a huge problem ever since the U.N. came to "help Haiti," and is heavily influenced by authoritarian and extremist countries. These are just a few of its many serious shortcomings - there isn't enough space to list them all. Bravo - I don't want to see the U.N. flag anywhere other than on the U.N. building. The county can find plenty of other ways to remind people that we are part of the world! Seeing that flag just makes me angry and frustrated.

phoilandApr. 30, 1311:29 PM

The UN flag is a symbol of an organization bent on global domination and the erosion of all that our nation represents. We are a sovereign nation, and as such, the flag of the UN warrants no position of prominence in front of any of our public buildings. I long for the day when this despicable cabal of hypocrites is driven from our soil and we as a nation withdraw as a member.

ruphinaApr. 30, 1311:49 PM

The UN must die! The organization (and that's an insult to the word) is corrupt from top to bottom. It's leaders are Unbelievably Noxious, it's policies Universally Noxious, and in the end the whole endeavor boils down to a bunch of Useless Nincompoops. Bill G.

northatlastMay. 1, 13 4:21 AM

I was born on United Nations Day. October 24. I was once proud of that. No longer. It is an organization born of a noble ideal that is now utterly corrupt. This UN deserves no respect. It deserves contempt.

standingbyMay. 1, 13 5:59 AM

We need to distance ourselves from the United Nations. It is adverse for the United States.

owatonnabillMay. 1, 13 6:10 AM

"On May 1, 45 years ago, a former Republican governor (Elmer L. Andersen) and a Democratic Minneapolis mayor (Arthur Naftalin) joined 26 metro-area mayors in raising the United Nations flag." ............... Hmmmm. On May 1, 45 years ago, the U.N. stood for what was noblest in Man. On May 1, 2012 it has become nothing but a collection of thugs and profiteers whose major objective, aside from lining their own pockets, is the dismantling of American power and culture. Flying the flag of North Vietnam or Imperial Japan would have precisely the same "value" if intent were the criterion. Removing the flag of this loathsome collection is merely a very small first step. A good second step would be to pull American funding and terminating the lease on the U.N. Building. Perhaps they'd like to move to somewhere more in line with their politics. Benghazi comes to mind.

Willy53May. 1, 13 6:10 AM

Neoconservatives, led by the BushII administration, had to discredit the UN in order to perpetuate their case for two invasions in the Middle East. Since the US case for war was based on lies and distortion (destroyed the career of Colin Powell as he was exposed for perpetuating lies in the UN)they had to demonize the UN. The Bush foreign policy was based on American world hegemony which required continuous propoganda to counter the actual truth. Had we listened to the international community at the time we'd be a trillion dollars richer and there would be thousands fewer jihadist in the world.

alansonMay. 1, 13 6:39 AM

I'm pleasantly surprised Hennepin is willing to display the American flag.


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