No new taxes? Tax the rich? Both history.

  • Article by: D.J. TICE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 29, 2013 - 8:45 PM

Whichever three-word catchphrase you favored, it no longer applies.

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supervon2Apr. 29, 13 9:33 PM

80K is rich? When did that happen? Pretty soon it will be just above the poverty line.

Mark27Apr. 29, 1310:46 PM

The problem for the DFL is that their only mandate heading into this session was to tax the rich. They didn't run on this other stuff, and in some cases they actively campaigned against them as Dayton did with the cigarette tax in 2010. Voters will rightly view this overreach as the biggest betrayal since Brutus shanked Julius Caesar and the DFL will be vaporized in the next election.

elmore1Apr. 30, 1312:21 AM

Good article. I didn't believe Obama when he said it and I didn't believe Dayton when he said it. We will all pay for the drunken spending by the DFL. We need moderate leaders not "bait and switch" guys like this.

kilofoxApr. 30, 1312:37 AM

When the tax frenzy starts the Democrats just can't help themselves, they just go back to what they know best. Tax tax tax.

lostwolf95Apr. 30, 1312:49 AM

our government is not involved in runaway spending increases. The problem has more to do with runaway health care costs. The ACA was a small step in the direction of curbing those costs, but is only one step. Secondly, our country is slowly becoming a land of the rich. The top 1% already account for more than 40% of GDP and that share is rising. The top 7% continue to increase their wealth, even during the recession. Its time to stop pandering to these robber barons and take away their loopholes...

simbixApr. 30, 13 4:13 AM

NO NEW TAXES HAS BEEN HISTORY FOR A DECADE. Rather than take back the income tax cuts at the top to reduce deficits, Pawlenty and GOP raised property taxes on homeowners and renters. DFL plans this year include property tax relief for homeowners and renters, reduction in overall sales tax and corporate income tax. Effect on middle class will be minor. The big revenue comes from the top.

walterwhiteApr. 30, 13 6:21 AM

@simbix - The govenor and legislature can't raise property taxes, they are controlled by cities and counties. These local governments could have reduced spending rather than increasing taxes. No, the big revenue doesn't come from the top. There aren't that many of them, a few thousand maybe. The big revenue comes from the millions of people called the middle class. When will any level of government do an audit and find waste and redundancy?

wa0tdaApr. 30, 13 6:38 AM

Too much is still being spent on the reaches of empire and wasteful projects like the Abrhams tank and the F-35. The Federal government continues to make foolish spending decisions that affect us at the state level - the abysmal failure to reform health care is one of them - and we are left with the mandates to care for the sick, while money gets siphoned out of Minnesota to go for an expensive night on the town in DC. Yes, we can do better with budgeting in St. Paul, but do not believe for a minute that what happens in Washington does not set our course for us.

windigolakeApr. 30, 13 6:41 AM

As usual, the cons want to give tax cuts to their rich patrons and stick it to the hourly workers at Wendy's. When someone making $50,000 has taxes go up at twice the percent of a person, producing nothing and making $250,000 living off investments there is a problem.

pitythetoolsApr. 30, 13 6:44 AM

The DFL ran a campaign of class warfare, piggy-backing on the national campaign promoted by Obama. Divide and conquer works and the democrats prevailed. At some point though, reality sets in and people discover that storming the castle to plunder and pillage does not solve the real problem (overspending). Every day we read of new tax schemes by the DFL. It got old very quick. I'm glad they are in complete control of the MN government so that everyone can see their true colors.


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