Minnesota House bill has shield for high school coaches under fire

  • Article by: Megan Ryan , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 28, 2013 - 11:34 PM

Statute revision would bar parental complaints from being the sole factor in a Minnesota high school coach’s dismissal.

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qbert79Apr. 28, 13 9:50 PM

Our school has lost a head football, boys basketball, boys hockey, boys track in the last 2 years. All these were coaches under 40. This along with the high amounts of assistants leaving. Coaches get paid $4000 for a year of head aches.

binky11010Apr. 28, 1310:07 PM

It's probably not a good idea to use Sarsland as an example in an article that talks about angry parents as the sole reason a coach gets fired. As a longtime coach, I agree that most parents don't know what they are talking about. But Sarsland dug his own grave by being arrogant and displacing local players with players from outside the Elk River area who were allegedly recruited by Sarsland. He should have been canned a long time ago.

otherjulieApr. 28, 1310:07 PM

Erickson's hypocrisy is killing me. Heaven forbid we have basic protections like due process or seniority for teachers from capricious accusations, but if you coach football, then we'll go to the wall for you. It seems the achievement gap is not as important as the playoffs.

rafannonApr. 28, 1310:38 PM

I know of a coach you use to emotional abuse the players and wouldnt let them drink water during practices. They parents complained and after YEARS of complaining he finally got let go. The program changed for the better. It wasnt about winning or losing it was about abuse. No laws should protect these kind of coaches.

BallFourApr. 28, 1310:42 PM

In general, the place you want parents of athletes is far away on a hill.

petenelsonApr. 28, 1310:58 PM

The whole Maple Grove incident would not have had the outcome of the coach leaving, had not the outside influence of the parents, teachers and boosters crying foul occurred. And it was justified. At what point does anyone have a voice, if a coach runs a loose ship? Who rules or determines when to let someone go, who skates outside the lines of legality or morality?

codger1016Apr. 28, 1311:24 PM

binky... the reasons you state for justifying Sarsland's dismissal - arrogance and alleged recruiting - are just what this bill is about. You didn't like the coach and how he ran the program. Now, if you can prove that there was actual recruiting, that would be against MSHSL rules and be a reason for dismissal, but allegations of recruiting is not a just cause.

raleighmamaApr. 28, 1311:40 PM

School districts are mandated by law to provide students with a free public education, not extra curricular sports. Teachers are required, coaches are not.

redtheidiotApr. 28, 1311:43 PM

Bad parents are a coach's nightmare

joycen62Apr. 29, 1312:18 AM

Bad coaches are a parent's nightmare. After Paterno and Penn State and the Rutgers basketball maniac, you better word this another new republican law real carefully. Republicans seeking more regulation. Too funny.


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