Gun control author says he will revive failed legislation, blames misunderstanding for defeat

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  • Updated: April 28, 2013 - 1:27 PM
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thedanmanApr. 28, 1312:58 PM

Devil's in the details. Of course there is widespread support of background checks. Keeping things realistic and actually solving problems are the issue. Good luck at getting it right.

IHATELOGINS0Apr. 28, 13 1:25 PM

There was no misunderstanding. The people have spoken. The people don't want any more laws on the books. Especially since the existing laws are not being enforced by all levels of law enforcement. Knowing that these shooting sprees have used stolen weapons, what will this accomplish? Answer: Nothing. Go after the ROOT CAUSE of people wanting to harm others, then you will find results.

greatxApr. 28, 13 2:20 PM

It was supposed to pass in the Senate, so the House would get egg on their face rejecting it.

A simple, one line "All gun show sales will have a background check" bill might have passed...

That being said, what will happen when the next school/ mall/ workplace shooting happens and the background check does not work as planned?

ranger1873Apr. 28, 13 2:29 PM

"Misunderstanding". Typical liberal. If only we were as smart as our political overlords everything would be okay. What part of "Shall Not Be Infringed" is so hard for you to understand, Manchin?

samiamApr. 28, 13 2:46 PM

All this does is increase guns and ammo sales as anyone who has shopped at Gander Mountain recently can attest to.

hobie2Apr. 28, 13 3:10 PM

I think the answer is simple - make it illegal to sell a weapon to a felon or a mentally dangerous person, and put compliance on the seller. Have a reasonably stiff fine for non-compliance - say $2000-$3000 first occurrence.. Because law enforcement has access to the database of public-recorded felons and mentally dangerous persons, a seller checking for the buyer in that database is evidence of due diligence... There is NO need to have a government record what make and model was sold; there is NO need to have the police approve the sale; there is NO need to register sales... If you want to sell a weapon, just like you have to check to see if the buyer is a minor or a ward of the court before you sell them matches, lighters, alcohol, tobacco, and a bunch of other things, just have the seller check the already-in-place database before concluding the transaction. None of the government's - or your - business to whom or what I sell if buyer is not found mentally dangerous or if the buyer is a felon... oh.. we have that now?

nshockeyApr. 28, 13 3:21 PM

Figures. This won't do much of anything to address the problem. How about taking care of jobs and the economy and letting the States take care of anything else they may want to do. As it is, this looks like just another knee-jerk reaction by those that think Washington can fix everything - they can't and most of the time their fix makes it worse. What next, register to buy knives and hammers since they kill more people than handguns? After the Boston attack I think we need to look at background checks for buying pressure cookers too.

greatxApr. 28, 13 3:51 PM

The "background check" approach doesn't actually get mentally ill people off the streets, or criminals behind bars. It just helps those who would rather not own a gun **feel good** about their decision.

I used to be able to board an airplane with no TSA fondle, cops used to dress like policeman not para military, children used to say the Pledge of Allegiance to start the school day... The screws only turn in one direction.

RossbergApr. 28, 13 4:10 PM

According to his interview the public is supposed to read the bill and tell him what parts we don't like. Since his fellow senators are the ones voting on it you'd think that would be their job. But he says they haven't read it otherwise they'd support it. But now Sen. Toomey, his co-author, doesn't want to continue with it since it's unlikely anyone will change their vote. Somewhere in this muddle is a senator who wants a do-over because there was confusion about what he put in his last bill so it's up to everyone but him to create a new bill that will pass. Well, that's certainly clear - as mud.

i812b4Apr. 28, 13 4:41 PM

The dark side is coming after your guns, this is only the first step!


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