More rights for bicyclists? Not without a fight

  • Article by: Pat Doyle , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 27, 2013 - 7:18 AM

State proposals call for safer bike lanes, parking restrictions for motorists.

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bebebigaloApr. 26, 13 9:49 PM

Then the bicyclist need to start obeying the traffic laws. A sufficient ticketing system for bicyclists needs to be implemented.

josephmApr. 26, 13 9:54 PM

How about going to Denmark and see how they do it?

downsideupApr. 26, 1310:05 PM

And cue the arguments that bikes never stop at stop signs or stoplights. If you pay attention, often times motorists are very respectful, and wave bikes through intersections. Also, as a motorist, be aware that those lines at intersections are there to stop behind, and being a quarter of the way into an intersection, and looking the other way before turning, is a good way to kill someone on a bike.

Chaz_MackApr. 26, 1310:05 PM

I think one of the reasons people might be against expanding cycling lanes and rights to cyclists is because they perceive cyclists as thinking they're above the law. And unfortunately that perception is all too often true. Many cyclists, at least in Minneapolis, seem to have a brazen disregard for traffic laws and rules of the road. I see it all the time. I live west of Minneapolis and work in downtown and am a dedicated bicycle commuter (in non-snowy months). I gave up driving to downtown years ago. I am totally in favor of improving bike lanes and access. But...I get really, really torqued when I see other cyclists ignore traffic lights, cross in front of or weave around traffic, and sometimes nearly cause accidents or their own demise etc. I could understand if it was just kids or teens but mostly it's "mature" adults. It's that type of disregard that is a huge obstacle to persuading the non-cycling community to our cause. Cyclists need to earn the right to have improvements to the roadways. Simply my opinion.

akamurphApr. 26, 1310:07 PM

Bicycles “need to be treated like any other vehicle that is using our roads,” Dibble said. --Hey Dibble, why doesn't the state start enforcing laws on bicyclists? Most of them think they are a car and want all the rights as a car does on the road but then ignore traffic laws that cars abide by.

lechevalier5Apr. 26, 1310:08 PM

If you want to do this then start ticketing bikers for running red lights and stop signs and cutting pedestrians off in cross walks.

jarlmnApr. 26, 1310:08 PM

The biggest obstacle to bike safety is NOT in establishing sappy-happy bike lanes, but in getting BOTH bicyclists and motorists to understand the laws and rules-of-the-road! Yes, many motorists treat bicyclists badly. But it also must be said that far, far too many bicyclists in this town either don't know the rules or are scofflaws. How about the STRIB do us all a great service and publish the rules and safety tips so that we can ALL work together to become a *truly* bicycle-friendly city?

serfdumbApr. 26, 1310:13 PM

The state Senate passed a bill this week that prohibits cars from using bike lanes to pass other vehicles, requires drivers to use a turn signal when crossing a bike lane to turn, and prohibits them from parking in a bike lane unless permitted by signs. - Next week they will pass a bill forcing bicycle riders to follow the same rules as cars and tax them to pay for their portion of the road as well. We are tired of the bike riders ignoring the rules the rest of us have to obey. If a biker blows a stop sign, just like a car, they deserve to be hit by whoever has the right of way. Nuff said!

CountChoculaApr. 26, 1310:13 PM

If it doesn't involve burning fossil fuels or pouring concrete, you can always count on our cranky Republican friends to oppose it. Like clockwork.

dflleftApr. 26, 1310:16 PM

WHEN I SEE a pack of bicycles I cringe; never sure if they are going to obey stop signs or not. If these new rules are passed, it will cause more confusion than anything else.


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