Michele Bachmann's troubling lack of candor

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  • Updated: April 27, 2013 - 1:14 PM

The public deserves to know how she handled campaign issues.

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fishanhunt2Apr. 26, 13 7:23 PM

And the Strib's bachmann bashing saga continues... So what else is new in your paper?

shushyn78Apr. 26, 13 7:25 PM

What value is there for her to say anything before the "investigation" is completed? The haters just can't stop hating.

goferfanzApr. 26, 13 7:38 PM

It is media bias, massive media bias. This editorial board would have a modicum of credibility if this column were about Ted Mondale's Petter hijinks, since that WAS just settled by a court of law....since he IS a public official. Oddly, only a fraction of Petter's loan was deemed necessary for repayment. Why? Is he soooo poor? So many questions remain. Bachmann's case can move thru the system and let the drama play out for all the Bachmann haters. Yet, a famous person with a historic lineage just settled in court. To absolute silence. Gosh, why do people complain about media bias? ;oD

newpaperApr. 26, 13 8:50 PM

Bachmann's supporters fall all over themselves to blame the messenger and deflect blame.

erikj3Apr. 26, 13 9:11 PM

Bachmann is too busy screaming BENGHAZI to care about anything else. I think it's highly likely she will resign (in disgrace) and get a nice cushy job "writing" a column for World Net Daily, instead of facing voters who are likely to throw her out of office.

davewtcApr. 26, 13 9:45 PM

The thing of most concern is the arrogance of thinking she is above answering to the voters. Where does this "rock star" attitude come from? This alone should get her "de-elected" next time around or, even better, recalled.

comment229Apr. 27, 13 4:18 AM

Call me a hater? OK with me... in this case. I cannot stand any anti-intellectual representing any part of Minnesota. Oh, how I wish she would run for governor so I could vote for anybody else. Face it, sixth, she is an embarrassment.

kallman11Apr. 27, 13 6:16 AM

Maybe the "lack of candor" is by the media, given they're the ones doing most of the alleging.

goferfanzApr. 27, 13 7:17 AM

I am surprised by the lack of comments here, even with all the liberals popping in to "vote." Perhaps even they are bored with the endless Strib Bachmannophobia? Not surprisingly, not one comment on the Mondale antics, settled in a court of law............. Again, the Bachmann misogyny is from the liberal Palin 101 playbook => file all sorts of ethics claims to run up huge legal bills to try make office unaffordable for an official. In Palin's case, it was remain governor and go bankrupt... or leave office. Of course, then crow that Palin was a "quitter." Here, it obviously drives liberals crazy that well-educated and articulate Bachmann wins time and again on election day!

cmo55Apr. 27, 13 7:54 AM

All politicians of both major parties stand only for one concept - reelection. Time for voters to replace Michele, Keith, Betty, John and the entire delegation.


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