Senate vote on 'practice freeway' riles I-35E neighbors in St. Paul

  • Article by: Kevin Duchschere , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 26, 2013 - 9:51 AM

Amendment would allow fines for speeding up to 10 mph over limit of 45, but leave citation off driving records.

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dtmonkeyboyApr. 25, 1311:04 PM

According to those who fought to keep this road at 45mph it is because of the noise and pollution. Within 15 years we will have electric cars and can raise the speed limit because the road will cause neither noise or pollution.

jcinmnApr. 25, 1311:05 PM

What is wrong with the legislature? I've driven this stretch many times and have seen numerous violations each time. How many minutes is a drive going to shave off travel time going 10 mph faster for a 3.5 mile stretch. It is hilarious at W 7th street to watch the stock car wannabes hit the accelerator and vie for position.

sharkysharkApr. 25, 1311:05 PM

A 45 mph limit there is completely nuts. Let's face facts, it's a freeway. The limit should be at least 65.

LuckyBobApr. 25, 1311:36 PM

Just raise the speed limit to 55. The residents in that area can't tell the difference. Any other idea is political idiocy.

mchristiApr. 25, 1311:44 PM

Well past time to raise the speed limit to 55. Why are these people still fighting that strange, strange battle 30 years later?

chemnpApr. 26, 1312:03 AM

I have heard that this stretch of road is the slowest that 35 has along its entire route. As previously said, cars are much quieter now and will get even more quiet as technology improves. The noise argument will not be able to hold water soon. For the vehicles that still produce a lot of noise, make it a quiet zone. This is done throughout the country, successfully.

I grew up in this area of St Paul and I would have much rather had a higher speed limit and not worried about tickets constantly than the scenario as it is now.

lenny7Apr. 26, 1312:04 AM

I guess every needs a hobby.

tdietscheApr. 26, 1312:07 AM

@mchristi, it is because they are whiners who think they are better than everyone else in the metro area. My advice: grow up, get a life, and quit WHINING! It's just a freeway, not a demon-spawning road to hell. Good grief, what a bunch of babies.

karb0013Apr. 26, 1312:34 AM

Anyone think its weird that this RIP 35E group has an annual meeting? Also, there is this magical place that allows you to have peace and quiet and it's called the Country

michaelpatrickApr. 26, 13 1:18 AM

The opponents of raising the limit to 55 mph are the worst example of NIMBY. I know the area well. There are all sorts of sound barriers, walls, trees, etc. at ground level and it's set off from the closest houses; it's not right across the street. And then you get people, like the person quoted in the article, who live UP a high bluff from the road; it's not really close to their front doors. Hundreds of thousands of Twin Citians live with freeways than closer to their homes than she does, but somehow she and her neighbors get special treatment. That stretch of 35E leads into and through a DT and has a fair amount of industrial areas on its east side. It's not running through the middle of a entirely residential area. St. Paul wonders why it hasn't developed as much as Mpls. Well, 35E should've been made into a full freeway when 35W was. The lower speed limit for that "special group" of people and lack of allowing semis on that stretch hinders development. Semis run on plenty of St. Paul city streets; they should be allowed on that 3.5 mile stretch even more so. And 35E and 94should be fully connected in DT St. Paul in all directions. How many people have to exit one of the other to make the connection vis city streets, which actually produces more pollution, produces the use of more gasoline, longer travel times, and more local traffic. Treat that 3.5 mile stretch like the rest of the many, many other miles of freeway in the Cities.


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