Reusse: Coyle emerging as one of Wild's best rookies

  • Article by: PATRICK REUSSE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 24, 2013 - 11:38 AM

When you talk Wild rookies and fantastic futures, Charlie Coyle belongs in the conversation

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sonic5150Apr. 24, 13 6:31 AM

I love Coyle's play

jacksoncageApr. 24, 13 8:13 AM

The potential is there. Needs to develop consistency. Some nights he disappears. Not quite the "Stud" Russo thinks he is.

mtb29erApr. 24, 1310:01 AM

Jackson: "The potential is there". I disagree - the potential is already here. The kid battles hard and wins more often than not, is a physical presence every shift, has above average hands and is showing he can convert on his chances. He's doing a great Ryan Getzlaf impersonation. Patrick's point is that he's only 21 yet displays an ability to take over a game and is already exceeding expectations. Take your wet blanket somewhere else.

lars471Apr. 24, 1310:17 AM

What took you so long to notice? You should watch more hockey, he "emerged" as one of the Wild's top rookies as soon as he was recalled. It is a shame that the majority of our writers from both papers don't enjoy or appreciate hockey more.

xjritterApr. 24, 1310:23 AM

The headline is wrong. It should say Coyle is emerging as one of the NHLs best rookies. Back when the Wild traded away Brent Burns, it really stung me as a fan. But having Charlie Coyle on our team more than makes up for the loss of Burns. He will be one of the best reasons to watch this team for many years.

genericloginApr. 24, 1311:30 AM

Patrick - don't forget that Seto and Coyle also came with San Jose's 2011 1st round pick in exchange for Burns. They ended up with Zach Phillips with that pick. The Wild also sent there 2nd round 2012 pick to San Jose. So a lot like the Pominville trade, just reversed.

BrainardApr. 24, 1311:38 AM

Nobody seems to talk about the GOOD trades Fletcher has made. The Wild received a lot from the Burns trade. The Leddy trade was how many years ago. Give Pominville some time. Building a solid team with a good minor league system takes time. It's called patience. That is something most of you negative posters do not realize. None of you are coaches, GM's, or even hockey players, but, you seem to have all the answers. In your world, the Wild should win every game and the Stanley Cup every year.

northsportsApr. 24, 1311:47 AM

Coyle is a power forward and power forwards tend to dominate when you get to the end of the season(playoff tempo) and into the playoffs themselves. After the Wild gets manhandled by Anaheim in the first round, the Wild brass will realize that we are too small and fragile to be successful in the playoffs. They will be looking to add size and strenth up front with another power forard or two and some size and strength on "D" also. Brodin has been doing well also as he has cat like agility along with very good skills, vision and anticipation but he needs about 15-20 pounds of muscle added to his frame in the off-season as does Granlund and Zucker. Tommy Gilbert needs to figure out how to get some muscle on his bones and keep it there too as he looks to be getting thinner and weaker by the month here. It would be helpful if Prosser could come back with about 10-15 pounds of muscle too. The playoffs are going to expose our smaller and more fragile players which will cause the Wild to go bigger and stronger. The teams in front of us in the standings already have learned this and that is why we are behind them. This lesson was learned once before by the DR regime back in 2006 when the Ducks manhandled us in the WC finals that year. The new regime is going to learn this again along with much of our fan base that seams to like finesse hockey too much. The playoffs get very physical and the ice gets softer also which bodes well for bigger stronger players who can win battles for the puck along the boards and play in the paint(in front of the net) too. We are in short supply of those types of players, especially up front and you can see what kind of impact those players have as Coyole, as a rookie is adding that type of play and it is really adding to the Wild's game. By the way, did anyone notice Matt Greene trying to run Charlie last night and Greene got the worst of it ? Greene is a big guy and that just tells you how strong Charlie is on his skates. Need a couple of more like him on the 2nd and 3rd lines to make a real run for the cup plus a little more size and toughness on "D" too.

sage62Apr. 24, 13 1:24 PM

Sports: I don't know about the manhandling part, but the Wild are extremely small. Another two coyle-like players would be a good thing. I didn't like the Granlund pick and still don't. All of those metioned players need to bulk up.

AllweathrfanApr. 24, 13 1:49 PM

I like power forwards, I like big rambling defensmen and I like gritty hockey. That being said after watching NHL playoffs since 1984 I don't buy the biggest team wins mentality. If there is one consistent factor I have witnessed amongst SC Champs it is toughness and an edge. Parise has it, Koivu has it and some of our other small palyers have it. I don't know how much is there and I think the team itself is going to find out in the first round. The other thing I have noticed playing and watching hockey is that the grit or edge that I am talking about is often revealed in teams in the postseason. This year is a bit of an annomaly but I certainly haven't given up hope for what can happen in the playoffs. BGut I don't buy that getting bigger makes you a contender. Look at Boston's forwards and they are a gritty tough bunch but not huge other than Horton and Lucic and arguably the grittiest player on the team is Marchand. So all you glass is half full can never be satisfied with what we have fans who "predict" we will get routed in the first round I hope this team gives you your medicene and that maybe you could enjoy the fact that we are getting better as an organization instead of focussing on all of the sensationalized negative BS that gets put on boards and in print. Go WILD!!


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