House OKs $15B education bill with free all-day kindergarten

  • Article by: Jim Ragsdale , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 23, 2013 - 9:48 PM

Among the provisions are free all-day kindergarten and elimination of controversial testing requirements for graduation.

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my4centsApr. 23, 1310:14 PM

Fund this, fund that, give this away, give that away - and we'll do it by taxing someone else and by raising your own taxes in ways you won't recognize. This state is in trouble because the spending will be locked in while the increased revenue is unpredictable. Just like the electronic pulltabs for the Vikings stadium, the projected revenue will not materialize. The tax hikes will result in behavioral changes that decrease revenue - resulting in a slower economy and budget deficits. Hopefully these will materialize quickly so these thieves will be voted out of office in 2014.

nimrod888Apr. 23, 1310:21 PM

"Free" all day kindergarten? No cost to anyone, anywhere? 100% graduation is also very doable when you dumb down testing requirements and don't require any set standards to graduate. We spend more on education every year, and receive less and less.

drposterApr. 23, 1310:30 PM

Never enough for MN NEA.. When will we see graduation rates increase? Test scores? Sorry, forgot this is a pay off to Unions and School Districts.. Nothing will roll down to the actual classroom. Jim, Do some reporting, try scraping the surface a bit instead of just quoting Dooher and accepting his comments as gospel.

jdlellis1Apr. 23, 1310:39 PM

Governor Dayton and State DFL's constantly state the need for people to pay their fair share of taxes. Have you every heard the Governor or the DFL ask parents (in plural) to do their fair share for ensuring the success of their child's education? No teacher, administrator, program or funding can surpass the requirement that parental responsibility.

kruzelcApr. 23, 1310:41 PM

Great more stealing out of everyone's pockets for people who can't be accountable for their own actions. Way to run us into even more debt.

elenacorbettApr. 23, 1311:00 PM

So,you don't need to know something to graduate high school? Are you F'ing kidding me!?! Why in the hell did I work so hard in high school? Business owners want to hire those that have actually made an effort in life. If you want to graduate, then make a minimal effort!!!

freedumb86Apr. 23, 1311:00 PM

"If you think education is expensive, try ignorance!" I am willing to pay more in taxes for a smarter Minnesota. With few exceptions, states that pay more in per pupil funding have stronger education results. How do you think Mississippi got to be where it is?

littlepeopleApr. 23, 1311:35 PM

Every single study says this is a *purely* good idea. Every. Single. Study. Please Google "Economic Impacts of Child Care and Early Education." The return on investment is 12-to-1. There is no better way to spend our money.

thebigoneApr. 23, 1311:44 PM

" We spend more on education every year, and receive less and less." I wonder how you equate "less and less". Yes, we should spend more on the military, and salaries for politicians. We really need more time and money spent on trying to stop gays from marrying, and more time and money spent on stopping abortions. Let's not educate anyone, that way they are more easily controlled, and will work for less. Let's keep everyone ignorant it will be easier to be like Mississippi, the poorest state in the union, "right to work" is working very well there, as well as most "red" states with the lowest graduation rates in the nation. Yea, that's a great idea.........

minn12Apr. 23, 1311:51 PM

These liberals are going to spend this state into bankruptcy. The massive spending and huge tax increases are out of control. You simply cannot put liberals in complete control of a state; this is what happens every time. Remember this next election and stop the insanity.


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