To fight Twin Cities smog, give up that lawn mower, diesel buses?

  • Article by: Josephine Marcotty , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 24, 2013 - 9:30 AM

Umbrella group urges action on Twin Cities air pollution from all corners.

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SEWilcoApr. 23, 13 9:39 PM

Go back to neighborhood schools, to eliminate most bus travel. Ban all evergreen trees in the state, so they'll stop emitting nasty ozone-causing chemicals. Ban free-range chickens, so they stop kicking up dust. Some of it will be fine particles.

lonederangerApr. 23, 13 9:57 PM

IF and when anyone decides to get serious about it, they will bring the subject of overpopulation to the table. NONE of this would be an issue with fewer people/square inch.

SirMikanApr. 23, 1310:04 PM

To be fair, new diesels have to meet the same requirements as cars when it comes to greenhouse gases. I would say cutting buses is drastic, when new buses with new, cleaner burning engines will also cut the emissions from where we are today. New lawnmowers also have to meet emissions targets, and all on the market seem to be cleaner four strokes instead of the traditional two stroke engines.

dentesterApr. 23, 1310:35 PM

The EPA is a federal agency run amuck. Only congress should have such sweeping powers. These regulations should be challenged in a court of law.

jbrillApr. 23, 1310:37 PM

I'd like to see a public-private partnership with some local truck fleets to help them start up natural gas fleets. Some of the initial costs are high but this could help everyone in the long run by reducing emissions and lowering operating costs.

Spiker1Apr. 23, 1310:39 PM

Didn't we go through this in the mid 90s....and didn't they stop requiring emissions tests because there was no real proof that the emissions were not a problem....more government intervention, and more tax payer money going for garbage.....

JayApr. 23, 1310:43 PM

lol are you serious? Banning lawnmowers? Get a clue and stop the waste of the bus's running every 15 minutes 1/4 full.

rayk1800Apr. 23, 1310:47 PM

Replace 70% of the diesel trucks and equipment with ones that meet the new standards would resolve a big part of the issue. Somehow I don't think lawnmowers are the problem. You could die breathing what comes out of older city buses and school buses.

hermajestyApr. 23, 1310:47 PM

I'm puzzled as to why people started needing gas-consuming, noisy power mowers about forty years ago when non-power mowers are non-polluting, quiet, and provide more exercise for the person doing the mowing.

BobtheguyApr. 23, 1310:59 PM

Rather than banning all the reciprocating engines, try competing on a cost per hour basis. That is, let the market work to improve the technology to reduce total cost of ownership of vehicles and power implements. That means that pollution would be reduced also. That also means banning the EPA, which would be one of the best fiscal remedies for the majority of US residents ever made.


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