Immigration in Minnesota by the numbers

  • Article by: Hector Garcia
  • Updated: April 23, 2013 - 11:22 AM

There are fewer undocumented immigrants than a recent commentary suggested. And they contribute.

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dflleftApr. 22, 13 7:38 PM

STATE AID for illegal mexicans to go college here in MN?...really?...taxpayer dollars?...really?....hard to belive but with total DFL control I guess I should.t be surprised.

rampalincApr. 22, 13 8:43 PM

This is a poorly written and researched article. I was hoping to see a breakdown of immigrants from different countries and their positive and negative financial impact on MN.

jarlmnApr. 22, 13 8:48 PM

We should heartily welcome all immigrants! LEGAL immigrants! Others are unlawful border-jumpers. We are (supposedly) a nation of laws. We have established rules and regulations (and they are not arduous) by which one can get a green card and by which on can become a legal permanent citizen. To allow others to essentially jump the line, is to disrespect all those of our friends and neighbors who came here legally. The Democrats, who otherwise talk so loudly about "fairness," should be ashamed of how they so blithely slap the face of my LEGAL immigrant friends and neighbors by supporting the illegals.

luzhishenApr. 22, 1310:25 PM

Undocumented means that they have somehow lost or misplaced their documents. Children of illegal immigrants who have made it through school and are contributing to society are here through no fault of their own; the parents, on the other hand, deserve nothing.

dewarfApr. 22, 1310:49 PM

Maybe if Ted Mondale would be required to repay his loans ($150,000 @ 10% interest due at the end of 2006), instead of 'negotiating' a $50,000 settlement, we'd have more money for illegals within out State. At least Petters' losers would get a better return on that Ponzi scheme and Ted would be forced to face his financial obligations. Why doesn't the Strib allow readers to comment on the irresponsibility of people like Ted Mondale? Is the Minnesota liberal elite protected by the Strib? At the end of 2012, Mondale owed $292,300 on this Petters loan. And some judge lets him off the hook for $50,000? Are all liberals math-challenged and crooks? Why are politicians treated like special people? Pay your debts, you bum!

mdachsApr. 22, 1311:17 PM

Please use the correct term - undocumented aliens are Illegal Aliens! They are here in violation of our immigration laws. My mother legally immigrated from Germany to the U.S. in 1951 - she complied with the immigration laws in effect at the time. She was a Legal Alien, unlike the people described in this article. There is no fair comparison between these Illegal Aliens and my mother.

elmore1Apr. 23, 1312:14 AM

They may be contributing but they are not paying Fed and State taxes. Let's make sure they pay back taxes as part of the plan. It is only fair to those of us who pay the ever increasing taxes in this state.

gopherfollyApr. 23, 13 6:58 AM

What is the dollar value of US citizenship?

bannedmuggsApr. 23, 13 9:56 AM

At some point Americans (especially the politicians) need to admit that our service industry country relies completely on immigrant workers. Illegal or legal. Americans don't want work in the fields, turkey plants, cleaning building, hotels, restaurants, etc. More importantly, these people are just that, people. My great grandparents came here from Europe. They were discriminated against and given the lowest of jobs. Let's change that so people feel welcome to this country.

mn2niceApr. 23, 1310:04 AM

What I found to be shocking was the number of "resettled refugees" that are here in Minnesota, because of the policies of the Office of Refugee Resettlement in the Administration for Children & Families in the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services over the last 15 years. They produce a chart of the annual numbers of individuals from all countries resttled in the U.S. Many, of not most of these individuals are receiving some form of public assistance, and many of those are elderly and do not work. Many churches sponsor them but do not provide basic services, but help them to apply for public services once here. We are spending billions each year on these programs, and for what? Once their countries achieve the ability to self-govern, these people should be repatriated.


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