Heat is on Twin Cities radio host for telling Newtown families to 'go to hell'

  • Article by: Paul Walsh , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 24, 2013 - 7:54 AM

Bob Davis of KTCN is being offered a free trip to Newtown, Conn., to repeat what he said on the air about the victims’ families.

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boboboboApr. 22, 1310:15 AM

I've known Bob for over 20 years. He's always been a bit of a loose canon, but in person, a truly nice guy. Bob, you need to apologize. This is just plain WRONG, buddy. You've let the bombastic show biz schtick take over your sense of decency and humanity. Go fix it.

luzhishenApr. 22, 1310:17 AM

They got rid of the equal time rule and see what happens?

jackpine091Apr. 22, 1310:18 AM

This political tone has got to stop. Today it is from the far right, and tomorrow, it will be from the far left. Is there no place for civil discourse in our country today? Shame on Mr. Davis!

markc1Apr. 22, 1310:23 AM

I don't pay attention to any conservative media on radio or TV.

timandtiaApr. 22, 1310:24 AM

First of all, I feel sad for the families at Sandy Hill - what a shame that this happened. Second, I do not listen to Bob Davis or his radio show. Third, I, however, agree with his statement. Slow down now on attacking me, I have to agree that we cannot let a single instance (the shootings) change a whole lifestyle of us Americans (the right to have guns). Look at it this way, just think of when a drunk driver kills someone/a whole lot of people, do we go out and ban all driving? Fourth, I just wish Davis would have not said it out loud on the radio - he should have kept it to himself. This is a sad situation for all of us.

rlwr51Apr. 22, 1310:29 AM

...and we could have had Tom Emmer as our governor.

redkayakApr. 22, 1310:32 AM

Mr. Davis - just apologize - NOW!!! Your point was lost on your excessive language.

diamondjoeApr. 22, 1310:42 AM

So far this behavior seems pretty typical for some gun owners and the NRA, I guess I am not as shocked with his behavior as I should. So sad the country has become so hateful! This man should apologize, and why would anyone listen to his show if he spews such hate? I just do not understand what some people consider "news" !

sbuzz16Apr. 22, 1310:44 AM

I never hear this stuff from the far left it always comes from the far right and if they ever do apologize their sincerity is almost worthless because you know that they really do mean what they initially said.

mpmailApr. 22, 1310:44 AM

I didn't hear the show(s), so all I have to go by is this article, but I'm wondering if his comments are in regards to Obama parading around only those victims' families who agree with his anti gun agenda while ignoring the families who disagree with it?


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