Snow in northern Minnesota followed by record cold

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  • Updated: April 20, 2013 - 6:41 PM
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sammy5542612Apr. 20, 13 1:58 PM

Our climate is changing! We need to do something about it. We need to close up all of our coal plants and convert to green energy, solar and wind. Our leaders such as Al Franken and Barack Obama will show us the way to normal temperatures.

just1oldgoatApr. 20, 13 2:10 PM

It's stories like this that make Duluth the envy of the country. Their idea of "immigrants" is a wayward Canuck on a snowmobile looking for a SuperAmerica station.

supervon2Apr. 20, 13 2:21 PM

Sammy-you are so right! Only Obama and his gifted associates are the only true way to have America succeed. We should make him King and elect him to forever office and besides that's the only type of writing the Strib will allow.

jimmy123Apr. 20, 13 3:32 PM

yup, global warming. no doubt in my mind. has to be. see global warming is responsible because it causes everything to be extreme. it's colder and wetter and it's hotter and drier. yup, global warming. that darn changing weather, wish we could just go back to ...uh, back to ...., never mind. don't exactly know when it didn't change, and didn't cause rain and floods and wind and tornados and tsunamis and hurricanes, but when you find out, let me know.

bosshogApr. 20, 13 3:43 PM

If anybody reading these comments here actually cares, part if not most of "direct" reason for this abnormally cold and snowy Spring is because there was a massive change in the polar vortex (measured as the Arctic Oscillation index). A strong stable polar vortex helps keep arctic air near the poles. In March that index hit the second lowest recorded value for March since record keeping began in 1948.

schwartzrlApr. 20, 13 4:16 PM

Let's buy Albert Gore a mansion, with property taxes waived, in Minnesota. We run clean elections here--we count most of the votes, at least--and global warming doesn't seem to be a problem.

pitythetoolsApr. 20, 13 4:18 PM

Man made global warming is causing this extreme cold and snow. Seriously, I believe everything I'm told by politicians who want to tax and regulate businesses by taxing C02 and I believe all the researchers paid by the government to support their claim.

xpopeyeApr. 20, 13 4:35 PM

If anybody reading these comments here knew that the US is taxing it's corporations into extinction, while the Chinese are rolling on the floor laughing, well, just saying'... I truly wonder if the Global Warming folks know that China is actually on the "same" globe that the US is on. I also wonder if the Global Warming folks know the difference between "air space", and the "earth's atmosphere".

fouledanchorApr. 20, 13 5:00 PM

Last night I was out in my backyard and I built a campfire. The smoke went straight up. This morning, THE SMOKE WAS GONE!!! I wonder where it went? Was anyone else aware that the air above your property actually moves? Does this mean that in 4 or 5 days I could be breathing Russian or Australian air?

freedumb86Apr. 20, 13 5:35 PM

Looks like all 17 of the nation's climate changing denying "experts" have decided to post their logic and frustration. When Tax'N and Al Gore is mentioned, as conservatives so often do, it is a reminder that perhaps these denying "scientisits" need to spend a portion of their upcoming summer at debate camp.


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