Past Minnesota tax cuts are today's problems

  • Article by: LORI STURDEVANT , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 22, 2013 - 8:02 PM

The impact of Minnesota’s departure from 1990s rates is now an unavoidable topic.

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pumiceApr. 20, 13 5:30 PM

From the article: "But for today’s purposes, the salient flaw in the case for the 2000 rate cuts was its prediction that state government could easily afford them. Eighteen months later, the state was in serious deficit trouble." Another statement which speaks for itself.

WalksHauntApr. 20, 13 6:15 PM

Ms Sturdevant states: "But “no new taxes” prevented a dozen years of more advisable tweaks. As the economy was transformed by two recessions, gaping income inequality and growing demand for the education state government provides, Minnesota kept collecting income taxes as if it were 2000."? How much of your own, personal, income have you donated to the state to help out? You mention increasing tax rates with no mention of any cuts to the state budget? Increasing state spending on an unaccountable education system is ridiculous. Growing government, during the worst recession in history, is unsustainable. Government has a spending problem - not a revenue problem. The UofM is a black hole for state money. It keeps raising tuition with no control over overpaid administrators. The state is basically a money launderer for labor unions. How about state politicians looking to vote themselves pay raises with the governors blessing? The state is an overpaid bureaucracy. Viking stadium revenue underestimated? Where are the cuts to the state budgets? Show me some spending restraint and then talk to people about tax increases. Until then - you can donate all you want to the state department of revenue - which I am doubting will happen.

mrburns2Apr. 20, 13 6:27 PM

"And Ventura, the proud owner of a 1990 Porsche, coveted a discount on license tabs" And what was wrong with this? License tabs cuts help the poor most on a % of income basis. So you are just against ANY tax cut? Tax and spend mantra continues...You actually make it sound like he made the tab cuts just because he owned a porsche. Please...readers are smarter than that.

nordeastguyApr. 20, 13 6:27 PM

Sounds like from this article we should raise prices when things were good and we should raise them again when things are rough. Is there ever a time when the left would want to not raise taxes?

lorentjdApr. 20, 13 6:53 PM

"Don't tax me, don't tax the man behind the tree." It looks like the Dayton is not planning on going back to older tax rates for everyone, as Sturdevant seems to desire. Rather, Dayton simple wants to create a new tax rate for the top 2% (if you're single and make more than $150,000, you will pay a marginal rate of 9.85% of your income to the state). So, raise spending by billions and have "someone else" pay for it all. What's not to like about that??

nursemanApr. 20, 13 7:05 PM

WalksHaunt: "Government has a spending problem-not a revenue problem." Listening to republicans recite this 9 word phrase um-teen thousand times reminds me of the toddler that keeps asking "why? why? why?" It's as if instinct overwhelms all sense of intellect. If you're going to make such a know-it-all statement, please enlighten those of us that don't know what those magic numbers are... Please define a spending problem as "spending above X dollars is a spending problem." Likewise, please define what the appropriate revenue in dollars is. After I see these definitions, your "we have a spending problem, not a revenue problem" mantra may hold more water from an accounting, intellectual and mathmatics point of view and not just opinionated rhetoric.

Mark27Apr. 20, 13 7:57 PM

Still seems like a longshot to me that the fragile DFL majority will be able to muster up enough votes to pass any income tax increases on the powerful and politically connected. Too many nervous nellies who will be talked out of voting for anything progressive by the lobbyists. The session will end with a generous round of the usual budgetary three-card monte of shifts and gimmicks....and a giant cigarette tax on the poor, the abused, and the mentally ill. And then the DFL will head into the 2014 midterms having betrayed their base and poised to lose just about every statewide race on the ballot.

nonewtaxesApr. 20, 13 8:08 PM

Minnesota is about to have the third highest marginal tax rate in the US. Does the state have the third best government services?

groover6Apr. 20, 13 9:05 PM

Pure DFL tax and spend spin! No reform, no cuts, they just keep on funding the same old DFL special interest groups.

sammy5542612Apr. 20, 13 9:18 PM

This is why we need to tax the rich and make them pay their fair share. Tax the snow birds from Palm Springs, California to Palm Beach Florida. I want my money and I want it now!!


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