Gov. Dayton leads the call at Capitol to legalize same-sex marriage

  • Article by: Baird Helgeson , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 18, 2013 - 9:55 PM

Rally in sleet and cold aims to persuade undecided legislators.

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technalogistApr. 18, 1310:14 PM

They will be sorry in hell for all their deeds! Repent or God will destroy this country and the whole world. Jesus is comeing.

goferfanzApr. 18, 1310:24 PM

Our goofy governor should focus on jobs, budgeting, and fixing his stadium lies. Did he notice the job losses? My conscience is clear--> I voted for Emmer.

A440Apr. 18, 1310:28 PM

Deviant behavior supported by recognition of a non-existent "constitutional right". From the same party who told us there was no need to put a marriage amendment into the state constitution just last year.

dewarfApr. 18, 1310:32 PM

Hey, Mark, there's a mayor job opening in San Francisco. There gay marriage has already been 'legalized' by edict, but now they've moved on to public nudity. Do you really want Minnesota to follow the path that San Francisco has been on for 30+ years? If 'gay' is a right, how about nudity? All of us (not just 2%) came into the world nude. So isn't that a more basic 'right' than homosexual behavior? I doubt Mark Dayton or the DFL has thought that far ahead. It's really all about votes, and they don't care about the public consequences to 'normal' people. So why not nudity, Mark? We're just not to that point in the gay agenda in Minnesota. But it's a slippery slope once you get on it. As California (and especially San Francisco) knows. Watch the liberal Strib censors block this factual comment about where accepting the gay lifestyle leads.

blackmanrepApr. 18, 1310:46 PM

Just legalize it so we aren't in this stupid fight anymore and can focus important issues. There is absolutely no good reason for a heterosexual to be against or even care about gay people marrying. By the way, if think gay marriage is going to bring the rapture, would not a true believer step aside so that Jesus will return to teach us heathens a lesson and you can be with your God?

jendeerpathApr. 18, 1310:47 PM

Are not there more important things to deal with first - like BUDGET !

roodougApr. 18, 1310:47 PM

Don't force your fairy-tale religion on us. Deal with real people, not fables.

hodgie999Apr. 18, 1310:53 PM

This is rediculous! Marriage is meant to be between man and women! - PERIOD!! I have nothing against civil union but let's at least keep some things sacred! No wonder this country is in such disarray. Our moral's and ethic's are as messed up as they have ever been. Our forefathers have got to be rolling over in their graves.

BABloomApr. 18, 1311:06 PM

So proud of Governor Dayton's leadership in showing the value of all Minnesotans. Our state will be stronger when all loving, committed couples are eligible for marriage licenses and in spite of the sleet and snow can say, "I've got my love to keep me warm!"

kilofoxApr. 18, 1311:14 PM

Nobody's stopping them from getting married. They just have to find someone of the opposite sex.


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