Coon Rapids votes to repeal pay-before-you-pump gas ordinance

  • Article by: KEVIN BURBACH
  • Updated: April 17, 2013 - 8:39 PM

A number of gas station owners said the ordinance, designed to thwart drive-off thefts, has hurt business since taking effect last year.

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paige7Apr. 17, 1312:23 PM

Perhaps gas station owners, then, can be charged $100 for every time they call police to investigate a drive-off call.

medvezhonokApr. 17, 1312:30 PM

Stupid ordinance. I am sure people would just drive to Anoka to fill up. I know I would if I had to go in and give them my credit card. I could see making them pay of leave a deposit if you cash, but then almost every other gas station in the state does this.

swmnoldguyApr. 17, 1312:37 PM

"City police supported the ordinance, saying that nearly 500 fuel drive-off thefts per year cut into valuable time that officers could use to pursue more serious crimes." Duh! How 'bout this: The police investigate the "more serious crimes", and they don't have time to devote to fuel drive-offs!!! Duh!

mattmoscApr. 17, 1312:44 PM

I am a Coon Rapids resident, since this ordinance started, I have only gone into the store maybe 3 times. I can see where the business owners are losing money.

mamhoarzApr. 17, 1312:46 PM

I want to fill the tank and won't know how much it costs until I have finished pumping. Anytime I see a pump that requires "pay before you pump" I keep driving to the next gas station.

mvj5Apr. 17, 13 1:00 PM

I can see why station owners are losing money on this. I usually like to seek out the stores that are NOT pay at the pump so I can get my gas and whatever else to complete as just one transaction. I am definitely less likely to go in the store if I already paid outside.

aonealphaApr. 17, 13 1:41 PM

Typical stupid ordinance by govt lackeys and yes, that includes the police. The entire reason for govt and yes, police is to SERVE the public; not pass stupid laws that hassle the public. If the police spent less time on breaks and illegally looking up private information that is costing this state millions in lawsuits, maybe they could actually do their job and respond to theft calls. Too much union mentality in government including the lazy police. Obviouisly does not describe every one of them, but is true for the majority of them.

surge2031Apr. 17, 13 1:43 PM

I agree with paige7. Charge the station whenever there is a drive off, but who knows. Welcome to America, where no one is ever happy with anything, and everyone feels entitled to everything

sooofedupApr. 17, 13 2:40 PM

Paige7 & surge, so you think the stations should now pay to have police service? Aren't they (we) already paying for the service with taxes? Oh, and by the way, at the end of the day, the stations won't be footin' the police fee, you will !

davehougApr. 17, 13 2:53 PM

how much does it cost to set up a camera and recorder??? Who could plead not guilty when caught on tape?


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