Image from Boston surveillance store footage leads to hunt for potential bombing suspect

  • Article by: DENISE LAVOIE and RODRIQUE NGOWI , Associated Press
  • Updated: April 18, 2013 - 6:28 AM

BOSTON - The painstaking work to identify a bombing suspect from reams of Boston Marathon footage yielded a possible breakthrough as investigators focused on a man seen dropping off a bag, and then walking away from the site of the second of two deadly explosions.

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pressurecookApr. 17, 13 9:58 AM

So who uses pressure cookers for bombs? Promarily Afghans and Pakistanis. We have let plenty of these into the country via US Visas. I wonder how many of them have overstayed their visas and which ones decided to blow up the Boton Marathon?

nessmessApr. 17, 1310:05 AM

Use of a "Pressure Cooker" is the most common method of exploding bombs in Afghanistan and Pakistan... I would be "VERY" surprised if this were domestic...

mnturboApr. 17, 1310:51 AM

Just like Oklahoma and the Olympics bombing "Had" to be a foreigner. Save the racist assumptions, let them find out who did it, then blame (and fry) the person while leaving whatever background they come from out of the mix. Since we have been in Afghanistan for over 10 years you dont think and American could have learned how to do this? There is also a thing called the internet, I strongly suspect you could learn how to do make one of these online. We have plenty of home grown nut cases here. Heart goes out to the victims.

streetrodderApr. 17, 1312:09 PM

When are they going to pass a law requiring background checks to purchase a pressure cooker! Something needs to be done to stop this carnage!

luzhishenApr. 17, 1312:22 PM

Some innovations spread rapidly. Don't rush to judgement. There are plenty of folks who could have done this, sadly enough.

dahutysApr. 17, 13 1:02 PM

I wouldn't jump to any conclusions. I read an article about how pressure cooker bombs are contructed that gave enough info for someone who's already familiar with explosives to figure out to make one - and if that wasn't enough, the article included the name of an online website that gives explicit instructions. One could also make the argument that foreign terrorists primarily claim responsibility right away because they want you to fear them, and as far as I know no one has claimed responsibility even though it's been 48 hours, therefore it must not be foreign terrorists.

jimilakeApr. 17, 13 1:30 PM

Send them to China for prosecution

spector075Apr. 17, 13 1:37 PM

it would not surprise me if it were one of us..someone wanting their 15 minutes of fame at the price of their fellow man....very sad if this is true

breasonableApr. 17, 13 1:48 PM

Nationality does not matter to me, just get this dude and any other people involved. We rarely can make people do the right thing, but we can make them wish they did.

BallFourApr. 17, 13 1:56 PM

" just get this dude " BALLFOUR: Or dudess.


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