Arcia recalled as Mastroianni disabled by foot injury; Hicks dropped in order

  • Article by: Phil Miller , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 17, 2013 - 7:07 AM

In an effort to take the spotlight off Aaron Hicks’ hitting slump, Twins manager Ron Gardenhire moved the rookie down in the batting order Tuesday — twice.

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northsportsApr. 16, 1311:37 PM

Arcia should have stayed and Hicks should have had the plane ticket back to AAA. Hick's uppercut swing and his head out of whack looking to see the set of outfield stands he has hit the ball into when it is in the catcher's glove is not even close to working. If Hicks is going to stay he needs to swing down at the top of the ball to start making contact and simply leg some hits out until his swing levels out and he is hitting line drives again.

norcaltwinApr. 17, 1312:08 AM

It's good that Floriman is hitting. I am not impressed with his glove work or lack of attention. In tonight's game, he was responsible for at least two extra at bats for the Angels. I've been more impressed by Escobar at SS. Plouffe continues to be a liability at third. But I can't complain too much, since that last out with Pujols rocket to third and bounce to Florimon was a great play!

henrikApr. 17, 13 7:56 AM

I can live with Plouffe at 3rd because he should make up for it at bat. As for Florimon, I am afraid he is the 2nd coming of Alexi Casilla. Looks like he loses focus on the field, and its a given he will not hit much.

crazyhorse89Apr. 17, 13 8:38 AM

Good thing a players career isn't based on his first couple weeks. Hicks needs to get better, but everyone whose bashing him now, would have been bashing the twins if they didn't bring him with the team out of spring training. The biggest problem is...who can play in his place? They have no one else who can play CF ,so, hopefully he can work through this.

nshoreApr. 17, 13 9:37 AM

Hicks has quite a list of issues: his swing is too long, "steps in the bucket," upper cut swing, lack of pitch recognition - jumps out of the way of some strike pitches. Plenty for Bruno to work on - but I think Hicks is on the Torii Hunter path -looking hopeless before putting it all together.

goldengoph3rApr. 17, 1311:45 AM

Pretty funny: Dozier moves to the top of the order and in one game equals the number of hits Hicks has all season. I wonder what the lowest official BA is for a full season. Hicks is definitely a contender.

northsportsApr. 17, 13 1:49 PM

Hicks is swinging over most pitches by 6 inches to a foot. He is not even making good contact as he is swinging for the bleachers and his uppercut swing along with over swinging is pulling his front hip, shoulder and head(eyes)out and off the pitch. The opposing pitchers are giving him a steady diet of 2 seamers and sliders along with a few changeups which dip and dive under his swing. He and Bruno have had a couple of weeks to get this straightened out and I have seen NO adjustment to his swing. He should be swinging down at the top of the ball with a shorter swing and probably a shorter/lighter bat also until he starts making better contact. This adjustment will get his frontside and head back under control and he has the foot speed to leg out some hits if he can at least start putting the ball in play. This is what was done with Kirby Puckett to keep him in the bigs to start with and Kirby eventually leveled out his swing and started hitting more line drives and then the power came from there. At this point, there is a question of whether Bruno knows what he is doing and/or Hicks is coachable ?? Arcia can play center and he is a combination of Kirby's body type and Tony O's swing. He has a very bright future and looks to be much more ready than Hicks.

northsportsApr. 17, 13 2:24 PM

in context: and/or Hicks is coachable ?? Always best to deal with the facts !

sane09Apr. 17, 13 2:43 PM

"or Hicks is coachable ??"....Sorry for pulling that out of context!..Check Hicks' minor league batting stat improvement up to AA last season, and ST this season...It is difficult to improve that much without some instruction sinking in....That leaves "whether Bruno knows what he is doing", but getting to the Big Leagues as a hitting coach indicates that Bruno has been evaluated by people who have skills evaluating batting instructors....IMO, what is ACTUALLY left, is a kid who was doing well and suddenly went into a slump before he had built up enough confidence at the MLB level to avoid the sudden onslaught of self-doubt....When you go 2-for-30 at midseason, and you usually don't start wondering if you really belong here....If those are your first 30 MLB at-bats, a kid can REALLY begin to doubt himself, and his mechanics may circle the drain along with his confidence.

sane09Apr. 17, 13 2:47 PM

Also, I have known Hicks since he was a 13-yr-old, and I can assure you he is coachable..IMO, the level of his self confidence is more of a fear than his coachability


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