Lawmakers explore ways to boost sales of e-pulltabs to fund Vikings stadium

  • Article by: Jean Hopfensperger , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 16, 2013 - 9:56 PM

The panel heard ideas for pumping up enthusiasm for the games.

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localguyApr. 16, 13 9:39 PM

If they keep talking, time will slip away and construction will have begun. Once that happens, there will be no option to put the stadium on hold until a viable funding plan can be developed.

marketerApr. 16, 1310:00 PM

STOP THIS NOW GOVERNOR! It is a sham and built on lies. This once proud Minnesotan would like his dignity and pride back, and it does not include a professional football team. Mister Wilf can play his game in the State if he would like, but he must do it on the hosts terms with his money.

melloncollieApr. 16, 1310:01 PM

We should put them in pharmacies and when 11 - 13 year olds come in to get Plan B they can play the pull tab games. If they are mature enough to buy medication like Plan B they are old enough to gamble.

drposterApr. 16, 1310:15 PM

All of which include spending more money.. Sorry guys you bought snake oil by a group that was never vetted. You would have done better just dumping the money into the stock market.

davewtcApr. 16, 1310:29 PM

Mind if I edit the headline? "Lawmakers propose ways to convince those who can least afford it to pay for stadium"

michaelpatrickApr. 16, 1310:30 PM

The market has spoken: People don't want to buy them. Find a way to redo the stadium deal in total. Get Wilf to pay. We've learned many things since the bill passed, aside from the financing failure, we've found out Wilf will barely be paying anything himself. Now he should be able to cough up more money.

sammy5542612Apr. 16, 1310:35 PM

We need to tax the rich and make them pay their fair share, per the speaker of the house and Gov. Dayton. Redistribute that wealth, and put it in my pocket. As Ronald Reagan would say, "Bear Path, tear down this wall."

RossbergApr. 16, 1311:12 PM

How would taking away the option for people to play paper pulltabs boost their enthusiasm to play epulltabs? That plan implies that pulltab players are so addicted to gambling that they'll play whatever is left, even something they've already tried and rejected. Eliminating competition in order to force the purchase of a product is a callously desperate scheme which confirms that Gov. Dayton and his cronies don't have a Plan B, at least not one that wouldn't have a lot of negative political consequences for him.

for801Apr. 16, 1311:20 PM

get the pads out in more places and pay off a little cant play them when u cant find one there are 2 in st cloud area wow whats the big ploblem politics or bought off by other interests

swmnoldguyApr. 16, 1311:36 PM

I am against tax money going for a new stadium. I am against tax money going to enrich billionaires and millionaires. However, there is ONE WAY, and ONLY ONE WAY that I would be supportive of a state built stadium. CHANGE THE GAMBLING LAWS!!! Allow every Minnesotan the same opportunity to run gambling as SOME Minnesotans (Indians) have now. Allow anyone to have slots in bars! Allow anyone to open a casino! Let the free market decide when there are too many slot machines, too many casinos. A SMALL tax off the top would fund a stadium and education and lots more. This is a plan that I'm betting would pass if a referendum were held!!!


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