April 16: Minnesota House DFL tax plan goes after drinkers, smokers, high earners

  • Article by: Baird Helgeson , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 20, 2013 - 10:49 PM

In DFL plan, money raised from the wealthy, smokers and drinkers is used to repay schools, for property tax relief and for Mayo plan.

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WalksHauntApr. 15, 1310:41 PM

Crazy! MN is in the top ten in highest income taxes in the US yet the per capita spending is at historic lows? Where is all the money going? Can't wait to see the legislators vote themselves a raise. Why increase taxes only to give it back in tax credits? How about government just let us keep the money and spend as we need to. Government has a spending problem - not a revenue problem. Growing government, during the worst recession in history, is unsustainable.

LandsharkApr. 15, 1311:43 PM

They forgot to mention the extra 15%to18% sales tax charged on top of that new tax in downtown Minneapolis. Makes the tax increases even higher. They are clever ones not to tell the rest of the story.

garagewineApr. 16, 1312:14 AM

"The proposal includes direct property tax relief for 1 million homeowners and renters, along with money to help the city of Rochester with a massive, 20-year expansion of the Mayo Clinic. The House also sets aside money to aid expansions of 3M’s Maplewood campus and the Mall of America."----It's literally a smorgasbord of corporate welfare. I don't know how anyone can take these guys seriously. There is going to be some serious bloodletting in 2014.

peppermint19Apr. 16, 13 6:50 AM

Wow 7 cents on a bottle of beer and 1.60 on a pack of cigarettes. Although I have given up smoking it still irritates me that they tax cigarettes so much. I really don't know if this will make people quit, but I am sure it will make them cut back at least.

warmfiddleApr. 16, 13 7:12 AM

Democrats and TAXES.... They will keep taking until they have your paycheck and give some back in welfare payments. Property TAXES to high? Democrats will use your TAXES to pay other peoples property TAXES. Then Democrats will give themselves a 30% increase in pay for doing a good job of taking other peoples money. We live in a State and Country that is divided. Our government is failing us and divided we will fail. Any person who thinks the government is not 100% at fault for our serious recession is part of the problem. Our government wants to fix their problems with more taxes and more control over the people. It will fail and just divide people until we self destruct.

markoakesApr. 16, 13 8:12 AM

This is undoing what pawlenty did. TPaw cut taxes on the weathy and corporations and cut state spending on education and to nearly every service. The local governments had to make up the difference and property taxes went through the roof. My property taxes doubled on my house while its value decreased. Dayton is trying to undo this attack on the middle class. Sin taxes and taxes on the wealthy are a good step.

sullybachApr. 16, 13 8:38 AM

It's time for a major overhaul of the politicians in this state. We need to take away their checkbook and give it to responsible adults!

firefight41Apr. 16, 13 8:38 AM

The democrats hit all 3 sin's. Drinking, smoking and making money.

gandalf48Apr. 16, 13 9:14 AM

I'm not sure if the numbers on the alcohol increase in taxes make sense; currently we have a 2.5% gross receipts tax that is paid on all alcohol purchases as well as an excise tax of 15 cents per gallon (for beer, more for other alcohol). Even if the 2.5% gross receipts tax was doubled (to 5%) the increase in taxes would only amount to around 2 cents per beer (assuming $10 for a 12 pack of beer); I'm not sure where this 7 cent increase per beer is coming from...in order to get that sort of increase the gross receipts tax would have to go from 2.5% to 10%+, could we get some clearer numbers as to how this alcohol tax increase is going to happen?

Quimby3Apr. 16, 13 9:32 AM

LOL! Apparently success in MN has joined the category of "SIN" taxing!!!


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