The Drive: Do-it-yourself detours illegal in Minnesota

  • Article by: Tim Harlow , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 15, 2013 - 10:45 AM

In a desperate move to escape gridlock, impatient motorists stuck on a Twin Cities freeway took matters into their own hands by driving up a grassy embankment to reach an off ramp already jammed with vehicles and forced their way into traffic.

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marketerApr. 14, 13 8:00 PM

Just another symptom of our selfish, entitled society. I can't be bothered or detained just because someone has died in an accident. We are getting more hardened everyday.

ihave2beniceApr. 14, 13 8:38 PM

Too many times at an accident scene I've observed the "authorities" standing around doing nothing while traffic backs up. The injured are being cared for by medical personnel and the officers are standing around doing very little. When you say something to them about directing traffic they either ignore you or tell you to shut up and then continue to stand around doing nothing to help anyone.

hittodeadApr. 14, 13 8:50 PM

Why is this a story? A horrific crash closed the freeway, and some drivers who were stuck in the ensuing traffic jam made illegal maneuvers to get out of it. So what?

verdepatoApr. 14, 13 8:54 PM

More like our government wasting our hard earned money on trains instead of roads and bridges I was promised a future not unlike the jetsons where I can come and go when and where I want I do not want to go back 100 years to a trolly

boboboboApr. 14, 13 9:24 PM

If I see a way out of the mess, I take it. I've never thought about whether or not it's legal, and honestly I don't care. It's my civic duty to reduce the congestion if I can, and I'm happy to do so.

jhb8426Apr. 14, 13 9:50 PM

Most people also don't realize that it's illegal to drive down the shoulder to reach an exit ramp. I've seen people get tagged for that numerous times during freeway backups, particularly in construction zones.

marketerApr. 14, 13 9:59 PM

"It's my civic duty to reduce the congestion if I can, and I'm happy to do so." ..............That's just silly, bobobobo. Your civic duty is to obey the law and allow the police and emergency people to do their job. You could be interfering with a reconstruction, or worse, a crime scene.

heckyousayApr. 14, 1310:00 PM

re: verdepato said: "I was promised a future not unlike the jetsons where I can come and go when and where I want" -- What planet did you grow up on, Mr, Entitlement? Selfish attitudes like yours put your fellow motorists (the REST of us) in jeopardy every day!

FrankLApr. 14, 1310:10 PM

How about the cops use some common sense. Too often the highway remains closed while they "investigate". The injured are already in the hospital, so this is not being cruel to victims. Rather these investigations are mainly used to determine which insurance company will pay. So what! Meanwhile hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted time are being expended by drivers stuck in the traffic mess.

dtmonkeyboyApr. 14, 1310:13 PM

The American myth is that we are all free to do what we want no matter what. And we believe that is what our founders envisioned. In truth people lived in communities with extremely harsh punishments for those that violated community norms. Driving people out of town, burning them at the stake or shunning them was common. Like it or not we live with others and must work as a community instead of selfishly.


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