A backlash against Minnesota's growing ranks of Level Three sex offenders

  • Article by: BRANDON STAHL and MAYA RAO , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: April 15, 2013 - 10:26 AM

Despite a state law, many Level Three sex offenders are ending up in the same few neighborhoods.

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ruysnApr. 13, 1311:03 PM

Keeping them concentrated in one area might be good. Those areas will be on the alert which will reduce the potential for problems. Be alert for one, is probably as effective as being alert for 3

unabashedApr. 13, 1311:17 PM

The Colorado study cited found that the shaming leveled at sex offenders who've been released after serving their sentences tends to drive them away from friends, family and other support that helps keep them from reoffending. I work with the homeless in a Colorado city, and a shockingly large number of the men I see have sex offender status. Just try getting a job without a stable address and your face in a searchable database. After people pay their debt to society and go through treatment, they should be given a chance to straighten out their lives. But we treat sex offenders as the lowest of the low and keep the, there.

TommandkayApr. 13, 1311:22 PM

One of those neighborhoods that has become level three central is the Beltrami neighborhood, where I live. When these people were planted in our neighborhood, we were not asked if we approved. We were told that it was done and that we had to live with it. One of these level threes was living within two blocks of a school. Don't worry, we were told, everything will be fine. Even after one of those level threes decided to leave without informing anyone as to when or where, we were told not to worry. Sorry, but I worry.

jtriceApr. 13, 1311:36 PM

Mpls has a 1/4 mile spacing rule but our current city council won't enforce it. The same city council that can't follow our city charter requiring a stadium vote. Why do we even have laws?

kingcoleyApr. 14, 13 5:02 AM

If Minneapolis would pass the same restrictive rules other communities do, it would force the state to deal with the issue more fairly. All of us in the city need to support our neighbors to the north.

kingcoleyApr. 14, 13 5:03 AM

I'll bet those supporting the idea of keeping them concentrated in one area don't live in that area.

dtmonkeyboyApr. 14, 13 5:21 AM

Another example of where Minneapolis becomes the dumping ground for the states problems. The city is housing 50% of the states released sex offenders but the vast majority were not from the city before convicted. It is troublesome that city residents have to deal with the suburban homeless problem, suburban drug addicts and also their sex offenders....but this way I suppose you can talk about how great you community is an how awful the city is.

dtmonkeyboyApr. 14, 13 5:22 AM

Jtrice....the problem with trying to enforce the 1/4 mile rule is that the offenders end up homeless. Then, the spacing rule does not apply and the system ends up losing track of the people.

mattyjpApr. 14, 13 7:52 AM

There is NO state law that prohibits sex offenders from living near each other. The law says that parole/probation should attempt to keep them apart if at all feasible. Further, there are many level 3 sex offenders who are no longer under parole/probation supervision. To tell them that they cannot live in a certain area may be a civil rights violation. And how many of these level 3 sex offenders are actually causing a problem? And what about the sex offenders that you don't know about? Only sex offenders that have been to prison get a level assignment. 90% of molested children are assaulted by a relative or close family friend. You should be more concerned about "Uncle Bill", then the level 3 sex offenders.

krump56Apr. 14, 13 7:53 AM

The solution is simple, commit a crime that qualifies you for level three sex offender status and you never get released from prison. And yes I am willing to have my taxes raised if it keeps these people off the streets.


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