Souhan: Masters and Woods both take the low road

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 13, 2013 - 11:48 PM

Perhaps the greatest golfer ever and the greatest golf tournament in existence should have held themselves to higher standards Saturday.

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PortOrApr. 13, 13 8:13 PM

Obviously Souhan doesn't understand the rules. Rule 33 was instituted just for this scenario. Sometimes the rules help sometimes they hurt golfers. The 2 stroke penalty was fair and anyone thinking he should WD is just not very bright or able to understand the rules.

maxweberApr. 13, 13 8:30 PM

The rules are byzantine and recently changed. It requires a careful listening but it sounds like he followed them.

hiker056Apr. 13, 13 8:44 PM

I don't get it. In the NBA the rules (i.e. fouls) are overlooked all the time for high profile players in the interest of favoring them to win for ratings sake. I don't sports columnists chirping about the NBA, so why the big deal about the PGA?

groover6Apr. 13, 13 8:46 PM

I agree - this was worse than Arnie replaying a put and not announcing it beforehand. If he wins it will bad news for the record book.

codger1016Apr. 13, 13 8:49 PM

Also in the NBA, if the rules are found to have been misinterpreted on the day of the event, the league issues a press statement saying something to the effect of "Sorry ricky rubio, I guess Kobe did foul you.... Too bad, we can't go back and change the results." In golf, they can change the results.

boss09Apr. 13, 13 9:00 PM

Portor it's obvious you know very little about the game. Tiger knowingly gave himself a good yardage and should have done the honorable thing and WD.

nathanh23Apr. 13, 13 9:02 PM

Souhan you are missing the whole point of the new rule. If it weren't for television coverage of the tournament this would be a non-issue. If the rules officials governing the event didn't notice the mistake and non of Tiger's playing partners noticed the infraction and Tiger himself was unaware he committed a violation there is no penalty. What I think is ridiculous is that viewers can call in and change the course of a tournament. I wish we had the same liberties in other sports.

cjvirnigApr. 13, 13 9:07 PM

As Els notes, the Rules of Golf have always been there...but high definition television has not. The very rule invoked by the Masters to keep Woods eligible was just implemented two years ago for this precise scenario. Had it not been for a fan watching at home, nothing would have ever come of this. Can you imagine over the course of golf's history how many minor violations such as this must have occurred and gone totally unnoticed? The Masters tournament officials should have caught this on their own. They didn't. Woods was subsequently given a very severe two stroke penalty that may very well be the thing that costs him the tournament. In my opinion, everything that happened was done correctly.

fer8gusApr. 13, 13 9:34 PM

Golf has 34 rules. Water hazards are covered by rule #26. I am surprised all the people watching the tournament (ex players, rules officials, announcers, fellow competitors) did not point out the violation as soon as it happened. Golf in general looks bad when all these people do not know the basics of the game. If it would have been pointed out during Tigers round maybe he would have shot higher than what he did.

boss09Apr. 13, 13 9:38 PM

This isn't about tv. This is about a player knowingly giving himself an advantage. He should have WD.


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