Another Wolves season ending with more questions than answers

  • Article by: JERRY ZGODA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 14, 2013 - 11:35 AM

As another lost season slips away, the Wolves are left to wonder what’s next. So much depends on coach Rick Adelman, who missed 11 games in January and twice said he contemplated quitting coaching.

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slammanApr. 13, 13 5:56 PM

Bring back Adleman, AK47, Budinger and Pek and draft two players that can make this team better (a shooter and a defensive big man) and this team will make the play-offs. Also, say good bye to the 'steamer'...A.J. went past him like he was invisible last night.

dlfriesenApr. 13, 13 6:14 PM

Trade Love for two starting pitchers ... oh ... wait ....

rrjjssApr. 13, 13 6:38 PM

Does anyone really care about this horrible franchise? Fold it up and put them out of our misery!

nessmessApr. 13, 13 8:18 PM

Bring back Big Al....

yvesbabetteApr. 13, 13 9:15 PM

For his own happiness, I hope Adelman retires and devotes his remaining years to the wife and family he loves. After that, I hope the Wolves trade Love, Williams, and Barea for some committed talent and then see where next season takes them.

manoliveApr. 13, 13 9:53 PM

Kahn should have been fired the moment he passed on Curry, who would be starting over Rubio. Curry was far and away the best shooter in that draft, and we needed shooters. We still do. Everyone in the world knew that except Kahn and Taylor, and the Wolves scouting dept. When he passed on Curry, I almost destroyed my HDTV. Kahn has built one of the worst shooting teams in the entire NBA. And you want to bring him back? Please. Kahn is like a bad stock market trade. If you're in a bad trade, you exit that trade and cut your losses. Taylor didn't do that and continued to allow Kahn to butcher draft after draft after draft. So many good players Kahn passed on. So many wrong chhoices he made. Golden State is in the playoffs, and their starting backcourt is players Kahn could have drafted. He chose Flynn and Johnson over Curry and Thompson, two players with NBA talent in their genes. And to even think Kahn will be allowed anywhere near the draft room this summer simply boggles the mind. Wolves nation needs to take out a restraining order on Kahn, and keep him away from the team. At the front and center of all this is Taylor the enabler, who apparently is blind to the horrible job Kahn has done. Taylor is responsible for this mess. The sooner he sells the team, the sooner the team will get better. Cut your losses, Glen, and exit the bad trade known as KAHN.

melonicityApr. 13, 1310:57 PM

make flip the gm and see what least flip knows talent and likes being in minnesota. i get it the wolves are not a destination but our best years were with flip heavily involved.

golffanaticApr. 13, 1311:05 PM

Manolive a great rant on your dislike for Kahn. Please get all your facts right. Yes he could have drafted Curry instead of Flynn. He could not have drafted Thompson instead of Johnson because they weredn't drafted in the same year. Yes GS is in the playoffs this year but it is the first time in the 4 years Curry has played for GS that they have had a winning season. In fact last year the Twolves had a better record than GS even tho Rubio missed the last 20+ games.

daveyk206Apr. 14, 1312:22 AM

People here are talking about cutting loses. Taylor needs to sell the team right after that San Antonio game, and cut his loses. A new owner would have Kahn and the stuff out of his office in boxes on First Avenue so fast. At what point in time to do look at the owner of the team and not just president of basketball operations.

dougmac1Apr. 14, 13 1:07 AM

This is not the first time that I have Kahn rationalize/justify his latest 50 loss season by saying something like, "If you talk to guys around the League, they are telling me that we got a nice little thing going here." That's the kind of jive one shovels on the sucker at the Poker table so you can keep winning his money, and Kahn not only buys it, but he sells it to the fanbase.


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