Totino's Italian Kitchen in Minneapolis to be replaced by apartments

  • Article by: Jim Buchta , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 15, 2013 - 8:59 AM

The northeast Minneapolis restaurant where the queen of frozen pizza made her fortune will soon become the city’s latest rental apartments.

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qwert12345Apr. 14, 13 8:43 PM

I don't live in Minneapolis and have never had the pleasure or displeasure of eating at this establishment. Saying that it looks like a total dump in the picture. The new development looks great and a huge improvement for the area.

herby2013Apr. 14, 13 9:37 PM

It seems as businesses leave the inner cities the buildings are converted to residential. In St. Paul, two historic office buildings are being converted to residential. I guess the economy is doing so great that nobody wants to do business in Minneapolis and St. Paul so they have no other choice but to convert to residential. Huh? More hope and change.

vikegregApr. 14, 13 9:56 PM

Another old historic building bites the dust so some guy can get rich.

plontoonApr. 14, 1310:18 PM

@herby2013 - reading is fundamental... "Its plans for the Totino’s site include demolishing the restaurant and building a six-story building WITH 10,000 SQUARE FEET OF RETAIL ON THE FIRST FLOOR and apartments on the upper floors." If your views are based on half truths and misinformation, of what use are your views?

dtmonkeyboyApr. 14, 1310:19 PM

Herby2013.... The fact is that Minneapolis has more businesses, households and workers than ever in its history...I said EVER. The problem with this building is that it costs too much to rehab to make it economically feasible....especially considering all the new buildings being built in the city. Another stat you might find amazing is that Minneapolis is having a record amount of private development. The question to really ask yourself is why Southdale is 30 percent vacant? Perhaps no one wants to go to the suburbs anymore?

dtmonkeyboyApr. 14, 1310:21 PM

Vikegreg....if you want to save the building ....then pay up!, I find it annoying when people demand buildings be saved, but can't figure out where the money is supposed to come from?

bwikApr. 14, 1310:33 PM

Yeah, 100 year old building, it's only Northeast Mpls. Let's get rid of the patina and flavor from the area. Historic buildings don't matter. Who needs them? Let's just get rid of City Hall and.... well good, most of our heritage is already gone. Good, carry on. No seriously, go see this building. It's too nice. It has to go.

jeffportApr. 15, 13 4:45 AM

Having lived N.E for the better part of 40 years it is sad to see the location change but.. Hopefully something fresh will fill the location... Kinda tired of just seeing White Castle & a luggage store dominating the area to be frank..

turgidApr. 15, 13 7:39 AM

We have torn down way too much of our architectural history in this town, but not sure there's anything remarkable about this particular building - looks like half its facade has already been greatly changed. If it had been worth saving as a landmark, I would think the family would have stepped in.

awshucksApr. 15, 13 7:39 AM

Kinda sad the cardboard platter that evolved from the original family style pizza after Totinos sold and the mass market took over. When they first came out commercially it was a much better product.


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