Obama, first lady earned less than 2012 than prior years in office, paid $112k in income taxes

  • Article by: JOSH LEDERMAN , Associated Press
  • Updated: April 12, 2013 - 5:55 PM

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama made less in 2012 than in any other year since taking office, with about 40 percent of the nearly $609,000 in income that he and first lady Michelle Obama reported coming from book sales.

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dumbgopApr. 12, 13 1:19 PM

That doesn't seem fair........to everyone else that is.

dumbgopApr. 12, 13 1:26 PM

Income tax and investment tax rates are different. Too bad Obama wasn't honest when he was flat out lying about the amount of tax that Romney paid. Oh well, he's back in for another four years......I'm sure it will be just as successful as his first term. You Obama voters are sure going to be happy when we're bankrupt. Thanks again!

firefight41Apr. 12, 13 1:39 PM

That's only about 18 percent.

parks12005Apr. 12, 13 1:55 PM

Can he write off all of the Golf trips, and rides on Air-Force 1?

commonsens4uApr. 12, 13 1:59 PM

So Obama paid an 18% tax rate on a $609,000 annual income. As is typical with Democrats, "pay your fair share" only applies to others. I wish the media would at least call them out on their hypocrisy when they complain about Republicans not paying enough taxes. Just about every media outlet plastered stories about the Romney's only paying 14% on their investment income, when investment income has a much lower rate than income. Where is that same scrutiny on Obama? Oh yeah, he has a D next to his name so let's hide that info.

vaggietalesApr. 12, 13 2:23 PM

So even thought the Obama's made over $539,000 more than my household they only paid 18% whereas my wife and I paid 24% to Federal taxes.

kraemer1Apr. 12, 13 2:25 PM

Read his lips....Obama, like many of us that make a good living are willing to pay more tax to support the reduction in a deficit. It is the rich Rebumcans in congress that are not willing to do anything but sit on there large behind. Let's get that budget with the combination of cost reductions with tax hikes done.

9moonsApr. 12, 13 2:34 PM

------"So Obama paid an 18% tax rate on a $609,000 annual income. As is typical with Democrats, "pay your fair share" only applies to others"-----

The tax code everyone is a certain income bracket the same. Obama is in a high income bracket. Thus he gets a lot of tax breaks and an historically low top tax rate(top rate ranged from 70% to 92& form the 30s to the 80s). He should be paying more. But it's the way the oligarchs have fixed the tax code for their benefit. It seems to me Obama was pushing for higher taxes on people like him. It was and is GOPers fighting him tooth and nail. It's their Number One policy priority: Don't raise taxes on the wealthy.

comment229Apr. 12, 13 2:36 PM

Just two comments: First, about Obama and his costs derived from rides on Air Force One. I am not sure if he should pay for some of that or not? But he certainly could find out by calling the former president that used Air Force One the most in the history of the USA. You wouldn't happen to know who that is, do you? And I am not sure about the comments about Romney. The scandal that broke about his taxes and tax evasion, broke in Europe, but for some reason, was never ever published here. One thing is for sure, Romney never did release the tax information for the year in question, and instead, released a "summary." And he may be right that it is none of our business, but apparently, not voting for him is and was.

rvd420Apr. 12, 13 2:36 PM

The Obamas gave $103,871 to Fisher House Foundation. This is equal to just over 26% of Barrack's salary as President. When compared to the total income for the Obamas it is just over 17%. Can anyone name a Republican that donated more money (either real dollars OR percentage of income) to a charity that supports our former and current service members and their families?


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