Federal rent subsidies vanish for many low-income Minnesotans

  • Article by: Randy Furst , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 12, 2013 - 9:46 AM

Low-income people who had been told they were going to get Section 8 subsidies were surprised to learn that money’s on hold, thanks to sequestration.

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samiamApr. 11, 1311:53 PM

If you have to wait 3-6 years for section 8 it is not a safety net but a way of life. Maybe the sequester will help these people become more self sufficient

exrepublicanApr. 11, 1311:59 PM

Why doesn't that lady just pay her own rent from the money she inherited from her parents? Or trade in her Lexus for a Toyota? Or sell some stock? Silly common people!

pipdipchipApr. 12, 1312:56 AM

Ms. Lewis and her daughter are on disability because of depression and bipolar? I'm not saying those aren't real problems but I have a hard time believing that really prevents them from doing any sort of work. Even with "numb and weak hands", there's plenty of work you can do. Sorry but I'd prefer my tax dollars go to people with more severe physical or mental issues.

gking2mnApr. 12, 13 3:28 AM

Sleep well tonight. What do you say to Vets that come back disabled thanks for keeping us safe oh by the way can't help YOU.

herby2013Apr. 12, 13 3:50 AM

"Lewis said she is unable to work and receives Social Security disability payments because both her hands were injured in a fall. She had surgery on them, and they are numb and weak." I can think of many types of work this woman could do. Night watch person, car sales. Did you know that a good car sales person can make $75,000 per year? And you don't need to use your hands much. How about newspaper delivery? Delivery driver, taxi driver, greeter at a retail store, host at a restaurant, busing tables, perhaps some janitorial work. Sadly, this is what America has become. One political party is responsible for it. Take a wild guess which one...

ptac85Apr. 12, 13 4:09 AM

Strange how being bi polar makes you unable to support yourself in any way. I wonder what people did 100 years ago who were bi polar? Oh wait- we didnt have bi polar people back then.

quizzyApr. 12, 13 4:52 AM

I wish stories like these would also give information about what steps the woman in the substandard apartment has taken to try to have the problems fixed. A broken window and leaky faucet should be the responsibility of the landlord to fix, and if they aren't fixed she can take legal action. The woman who wants a larger apartment is the type of person who makes it look as if people on Section 8 want a hand-out. I want a bigger apartment as well, but I can't afford it. Just because someone can qualify for the program doesn't mean they should use it.

mpdad1638Apr. 12, 13 6:03 AM

Please read the article before commenting. No inherited money, no lexus no stock. These are people who need help and are doing the best they can.

supervon2Apr. 12, 13 6:05 AM

That place looks better than mine and I'm paying taxes big time and can hardly afford upkeep. Maybe I should look into section 8 if it's that easy.

r.u.4realApr. 12, 13 6:06 AM

my thought samiam, if you have managed to survive these last 3-6 years i think you got it? 3-6 years no section 8 and have made it this far you can make it the rest of the way.


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