Blowback at the Capitol sends Mayo back to drawing board

  • Article by: Jennifer Brooks , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 10, 2013 - 10:47 PM

Legislators debating $500 million in aid take aim at plan, CEO, Rochester.

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drewcorbApr. 10, 1310:13 PM

Wow there are some idiotic things that have been said. The 49 states remark was brainless, and also the comment "Why don't you move to something closer to the Twin Cities?" These people sound clueless. Is that the case or is this article being unfair?

rayk1800Apr. 10, 1310:23 PM

No doubt Mayo approached it badly, but maybe they already were told it wasn't in the cards and played hardball. Bottom line, the Mayo Clinic is one of Minnesota's jewels and we should build the infrastructure to support it. After all, isn't it another 40,000 jobs?

ctjmmjApr. 10, 1310:24 PM

If you understand what Mayo is planning over ten years you will soon realize how good this for MN. 30k more jobs. Mayo personally putting 3-5 billion into growth. If you take half the projected growth and estimate the tax revenue it more than pays for itself. I find it odd Mr. Lesch was offended by the candor of Mayo's CEO.. Perhaps he was offended by the facts. Keep in mind our geniuses would much rather fund a billion dollar bridge for the St Croix which only benefits WI and create no MN jobs over a no brainier business case to establish The Mayo Clinic as a world Premiere institution for the next 30 years. Hey legislatures, do what you do well, ignore the facts and emote. Say Goodbye to Mayo ala Northstars.

mfan79Apr. 10, 1310:39 PM

Moving to Florida can't come soon enough...

rayk1800Apr. 10, 1311:13 PM

mfan79. I'm assuming you meant your were moving. I'm of the same thought but to another state. I don't know which party is worse in this state.

DufferHApr. 11, 1312:00 AM

This was hardly a straight news story. At best it was an analysis.

kgk2Apr. 11, 1312:14 AM

The fact is there may not be 49 states that are willing to subsidize the Mayo Clinic, but there are plenty of states that will. It is a project that will pay for itself.

potter101Apr. 11, 1312:21 AM

The 49 state comment is when we should just say no zero zilch and we should have done that with the vikings threat also. This type of Government spending on these programs was never in the idea of supplemental money from government , it was to build up week districts communities that didn't have the money to do these projects. Not to the riches people in the world, are we crazy.

klondikekidApr. 11, 1312:41 AM

Let me understand this...the same Rochester that has been for years a world destination for health care isn't "sheik" enough for tomorrow's doctors? We’re talking about the same Rochester, Minnesota that has hosted for 50 years the now 3 million square feet of IBM facilities, correct? I'm growing frankly very tired of the spoiled society that now appears to have engulfed us and the arrogance being demonstrated by so many "advocates" today. The generations before us who actually made the life we enjoy today must be sick to their stomach when they see what we have become. I don't care how much money is applied, Rochester will never become a "city" in the sense of a London, Paris or any other cosmopolitan area some seemingly try to convince themselves it can be. I question just how many people advocating this nonsense have actually been to cities of this scale? EVERY city on earth known as an "international destination" has all of the amenities purported to be needed with the likelihood of having structures hundreds of years old in addition. Rochester is a large town located along an interstate sandwiched between Austin and Winona. The metro "sophisticates" who think tying it closer to Moneyappolis somehow aids its cache are just as naive. I'm 100% supportive of aiding with necessary infrastructure and understand that the city could stand a little facelift but the notion that it is necessary to go to these lengths to impress doctors enough to consider moving to the boonies speaks poorly on that profession if you recognize, as I do, that absolute world class doctors/staff have called Rochester home for years. Why? Because OF THE QUALITY AND REPUTATION OF THE CLINIC. Lastly, the last person in the world I would tolerate being called "dumb" by is a DFL House member from either Minneapolis or St. Paul.

weewillyApr. 11, 1312:48 AM

On Tuesday, Mayo spokesman Dr. Brad Narr said “there are a lot more organs to transplant in Florida.” Wow. Narr sounds like a used car salesman.


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