Sack cartoon: Grand Bargain?

  • Article by: Steve Sack , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 10, 2013 - 8:05 PM
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herby2013Apr. 10, 13 7:04 PM

Within hours of getting tax increases on those earning over $400,000 per year (with the repeal of Bush Tax cuts for that level of income and up but not beneath), Obama came out and demanded even more tax increases. Seriously, within hours he was demanding more tax increases. Fact of the matter is this nation is done. The damage caused by Barack Obama and the Democratic Party will be felt for generations to come. Obama's own budget projections show spending going UP UP UP as Obamacare spending kicks in next year. $1 TRILLION annual budget deficits will soon be closer to $2 TRILLION per year because of Obama and the Democrats. Within weeks of taking office, Obama and the Democrats wasted $787 billion on an obvious failure of a "stimulus" loaded with welfare spending and unnecessary construction projects to be worked on by union workers to pay back his critical voting blocs. Then Obama and the Democrats spent another $410 billion on an "omnibus" spending bill weeks later. Almost NONE of that new spending was ever removed from later year budgets. Within weeks of taking office Obama added $1.2 TRILLION to the 2009 fiscal year deficit which hit a total of $1.42 trillion. THOUSANDS OF JOBS have already BEEN LOST because of new Obamacare medical industry revenue taxes. Thousands of good-paying, middle-class jobs are gone. 665,000 unemployed workers DROPPED OUT of the workforce last month and stopped looking for work, which shows how much hope Obama inspires. Millions of unemployed people have dropped out of the workforce since 2009 and that is the ONLY reason the "official seasonally adjusted" unemployment rate is below 10%. Once you give someone some FREE WELFARE like Obamacare or Social Security or Medicare, you can NEVER take it away. This nation is over, completely finished, kaput. Thanks, Democrats. You took a great nation and ruined it, turning it into a giant, bankrupt welfare state.

hobie2Apr. 10, 1311:09 PM

" Once you give someone some FREE WELFARE like Obamacare or Social Security or Medicare,".. you do know that Social Security and Medicare other than the Republican Bush's add Plan is paid for by workers and their employers, and is not paid for by taxpayers, right? Saying Social Security is "free welfare" is like saying your employer-matched IRA is "free welfare"...

comment229Apr. 11, 13 6:42 AM

An ironic and unfortunate statement about social security.... I have paid the social security tax since 1967 on 100% of the income I earned from BOTH of my jobs over the years. How come the wealthiest Americans don't have to pay social security on all their income? Further, why do Americans who depend on social security have to pay tax on their social security income and think before you answer that one considering the richest Americans have a loophole at the top; why not give one to the poorest Americans at the bottom.

jbpaperApr. 11, 1311:33 AM

comment229: "How come the wealthiest Americans don't have to pay social security on all their income?" ----- Simple, there is a cap on the benefits paid out. Someone making a million a year will receive the same amount in benefits as someone making $106,800. Why should they have to pay more in if they aren't going to get more back?

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