Sanford, University of Minnesota won’t pursue Fairview takeover

  • Article by: JACKIE CROSBY and TONY KENNEDY , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 10, 2013 - 11:27 PM

The high-stakes maneuvering over ownership of Fairview Health Services ended abruptly Wednesday, with Sanford Health and the University of Minnesota halting discussions about a merger or acquisition.

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bobajoulApr. 10, 13 4:23 PM

Well, that was a fine job by our elected officials. I assume this means that the University of Minnesota will now step in and provide the financing to help stabilize the medical school? And where will that money come from? Generally a bad strategy to insult potential business partners.

sadvikingApr. 10, 13 4:27 PM

The CEO of South Dakota-based Sanford Health said Wednesday that he was ending discussions with Fairview HealthSystem, saying the health care organization had a policy of “only going where we are invited.” I KNEW they were an organization of vampires!

wases006Apr. 10, 13 4:28 PM

Kudos to the incredible work by AG Swanson and her staff. The first time in my memory that a corporate merger has been stopped. The Forum in Fargo had this story 20 minutes earlier than the Strib because thats the way bidness is done in the Valley (gag). Read their truly lousy editorial in today's rag. Stanford will be back, unfortunately.

acctsah2Apr. 10, 13 4:29 PM

Well, this state certainly does not like to bring in new business do they. Unless of course it is an "acceptable" one. Meaning it is an industry that is found to be politically expedient.

woopdeedooApr. 10, 13 4:34 PM

Good. Acquisitions always mean layoffs and usually only help a select few already-rich make more money than they need anyway. Stay in South Dakota and invest in its rich culture, Sanford.

elmi0001Apr. 10, 13 4:35 PM

Hey Mayo - you want $500 million? Buy Fairview and put some investment up here with the taxpayers funding your expansion!

dreisinApr. 10, 13 4:41 PM

I haven't heard one good reason why it would be bad for Sanford and Fairview to merge. Instead, Fairview is going to be taken over by the U and we will have to dole out more tax money. Lori Swanson needs to stick to her job and stay out of the way of business getting done. Why would the attorney general get involved when no laws were broken? Lawyers do not know anything about business. All they do is kill deals. And so what if Sanford has ties to T Denny (although it has not been proven). This class warfare crap has got to stop. The people that run this garbage prey on really really stupid people who buy it. Lori Swanson needs to resign. She sucks as attorney general.

honeybooApr. 10, 13 4:46 PM

Well, we managed to scare off another achiever.

beitodApr. 10, 13 4:50 PM

First paragraph of Sanford Health CEO statement: While it was always assumed that this merger of equals would create something uniquely special and important, it was never suggested that either party was “acquiring or controlling” the other. Those terms were never contemplated because they would be rejected on their face as unacceptable to each of these historic, charitable, and successful organizations. Nonetheless, this misperception has been created to serve an agenda that undermines the good faith and emerging trust that is essential in any contemplated merger of this sort.

patsApr. 10, 13 4:58 PM

I have many friends and family that have worked for the Sanford machine in healthcare and banking. To keep it short here, I'll just say that Fairview and MN really avoided a snakepit.


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