Senate deal on background checks close, Dems' chances grow for thwarting GOP gun bill delays

  • Article by: ALAN FRAM , Associated Press
  • Updated: April 10, 2013 - 2:02 AM
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csjohn1Apr. 9, 13 9:04 AM

An Open Letter to John Kline: We possibly stand on different sides of this issue - gun control. But I am writing you with what I believe is a bigger issue: trust in our government and belief in the Constitution. You may be taking a deep breath thinking well, a staunch supporter of the second amendment. Well, partly right, but there are issues at hand now that are far beyond the vision of any of the founders. When we try to reaffirm a view that the second amendment establishes unlimited access to weapons we really turn our backs on the constitution. We have a cycle of elected terms, a right of redress, petition, and in instances recall. If we don't like our government we needn't tale up arms to change it. God help us. Would the extremists possibly do a better job? We already manage to butcher the constitution with unlimited scope for search, detainment, with poorly managed TSA databases. We turn our backs on habeas corpus. With bungles by the IRS, Department of Agriculture, Defense, not to exclude any of the other departments. But none of this reasonably propel us to assassinate an official. I believe your core function is to work to get the public to trust our government. By doing the right thing. This will be a serious challenge to you, but as a Marine, we share a common belief that our government is a force for good, not for revolution. I am asking you to support reform of our gun laws, to ban high capacity clips, to bar assault weapons, to put in place mental health checks, background checks and eliminate straw purchases as well as no check gun show sales. We must work to make America a safer place, work to encourage our citizens to accept responsibility for our government, and trust our Representatives to reflect the will of all their constituents, not just the big money donors. Sometimes the right thing and the hard thing is the same thing. John, affirm the strength of America and do the right thing.

EleanoreApr. 9, 13 9:16 AM

Constitutional prohibition amendment, that's the only thing keeping the people from being subjects of the party. Thankfully.

nortcydApr. 9, 13 9:19 AM

Enforce the ones on the books but that would go for about every single piece of legislation that is being forced these days.

yomammyApr. 9, 1310:08 AM

Our government needs to focus more on the actor and less on the tool used. There is NO difference between a Remington 7400 that fires a .308 and a Bushmaster that fires a .308 other than the looks! Why are we going to ban guns just because the LOOK different? Do we tolerate people being treated differently because they look different? Then why are we trying to do that with firearms unless there is some other ulterior motive? Forget the tool being used and go after the perpetrator. Only THERE will we actually be able to make any real difference.

just1oldgoatApr. 9, 1310:10 AM

The caption in the photo reads, in part, "Obama said that lawmakers have an obligation to the children killed and other victims of gun violence to act on his proposals." ACT ON HIS PROPOSALS? My question is: Is this the same "Obama" that ORGANIZED Chicago? For the residents of Sandy Hook (and America): CAVEAT EMPTOR.

EleanoreApr. 9, 1310:29 AM

"When we try to reaffirm a view that the second amendment establishes unlimited access to weapons we really turn our backs on the constitution." - Rubbish. Militia retention and bearing of arms is a fundamental concept of our nation, and the people have stated so. the issue is not amenable to congressional infringement as is being proposed currently. Those legislators proposing it are in fact asking their fellows to rebel against the American people and our rule of law. This is simply unacceptable and any of our legislators who join in this insurrection should understand that legal consequences are already proscribes for seditious behavior as is being proposed in this matter. Move on, do you jobs, and understand there is no wiggle room here; the constitution is clear and descriptive.

snowblohardApr. 9, 1310:58 AM

How about we bring in the families of the thousands of victims that have been raped, murdered, trafficked and robbed by criminal illegal aliens?

billybillyApr. 9, 1311:03 AM

"Why are we going to ban guns just because the LOOK different?" .............Oddly, we probably should. The perception of these weapons tends to attract the less stable among us. Look at the vast majority of shooters; young, white, isolated, marginalized men. Do you think that they aren't influenced by the radical perception of these weapons, and do you think they would use a finely finished, walnut stocked hunting rifle? The generation of video game reality is amongst us and we are reaping our bounty.

ivehaditApr. 9, 1311:25 AM

mammy: "Our government needs to focus more on the actor and less on the tool used." Eliminate the tool and the actor is powerless.

A440Apr. 9, 1311:26 AM

The Ministry of Truth proclaimed that the right to an abortion is constitutionally protected, even though there isn't a word of it there, and the right to bear arms is not protected, despite the 2nd amendment.


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