Dayton rolls out $750 million wish list for state projects

  • Article by: Jennifer Brooks , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 9, 2013 - 5:59 AM

Governor’s bonding bill will face a friendly Legislature, though GOP side gives it a chilly reception.

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workforit1Apr. 8, 1310:33 PM

“I have a bill that is very kind to between 12 and 20 people” in the other party, Hausman said with a laugh. Spending our money is not a laughing matter, and the fact they act like no one ever has to pay for it has gotten us to where we are at. Bribes, kick backs, and jokes, that is what this political system has become. What a sad day.

tammy1964Apr. 8, 1310:43 PM

The Minneapolis V.A. needs to clean up their act first before any expansion is done.

sanddogsnarlApr. 8, 1311:31 PM

"Hann said he would support a bonding bill next year, in its proper place in the legislative cycle, and only for projects that provide real value to the state."

Accordingly, the GOP Alternative Projects "Vision": Dirt roads fanning out from the Capitol (for however long it's able to remain standing), with hitching posts and watering troughs for the horses of those coming to town to transact business. (Hey, it was good enough for Great Grandpa and Great Grandma after all.)

Rob7304Apr. 9, 13 1:16 AM

Opening up copper, silver and gold mining on the Iron range would go a long way in funding our state wish list...including updating the capitol building. Come on Dayton...are we the past...New York- losing population big time...or the future...North Dakota!?!

sammy5542612Apr. 9, 13 2:57 AM

Mark Dayton is our leader! He is a graduate of Yale University, and a social scientist of the 1st rate. He knows that workers are tired of the crowded conditions of the city, and long for living space. Through taxing the rich (making them pay their fair share) and public work projects, Mark Dayton will give workers living space and will lead Minnesota to glorious times.

texas_technomanApr. 9, 13 3:28 AM

If today's GOP party was in power in the '50's there would be no interstate highway system. I don't agree with everything on his wish list; but it's a start....

comment229Apr. 9, 13 5:16 AM

Sit down, and look at that list again. Then, get two pieces of paper. At the top of one, write "WANTS" and at the top of the other write "NEEDS"... Then, throw the piece of paper with the word WANTS into the garbage can. And if you don't, then quit telling the citizens of the state of Minnesota that we have a financial problem.

supervon2Apr. 9, 13 6:28 AM

You would have mining up north in full swing and providing jobs and tax revenue if you would just let them. Heck, they can't provide any more pollution than wasted electronics from failed pull-tab products.

jpcooperApr. 9, 13 7:06 AM

While Dayton is requesting $50 million for the veterans home, Dayton’s request would fund only 100 beds in Minneapolis, she said, and the state needs a better, community-based system.

$50M for 100 beds? $500K per bed? Thats effective use of taxpayer money. BTW why is a bonding bill used to fund a program? Isnt a bonding bill for State infrastructure projects

circleoflifeApr. 9, 13 7:13 AM

texas_technoman "If today's GOP party was in power in the '50's there would be no interstate highway system" Really? How's that? If today's Democrats were in power at the time of slavery, it would still exist. What an absolutely ridiculous statement.


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