Minnesota bill: Amnesty for drinking, seeking help

  • Article by: Jenna Ross , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 8, 2013 - 9:10 PM

Supporters of a bill say students would be more likely to call for medical help if they didn’t risk penalties for underage drinking.

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bluebird227Apr. 8, 13 9:24 PM

Raising the drinking age has not deterred college kids from drinking. On the contrary, when you can't go into a bar to socialize and have a few drinks, you end up at unsupervised parties. Why not allow 19-year-olds to drink in a bar? If they are old enough to be in college, they should be treated as adults.

Lifeguard06Apr. 8, 1310:00 PM

I've got an idea if you are so intent on making us like the rest of the world why don't we get the rest of the worlds drinking laws.

lordhawhaw1Apr. 8, 1310:59 PM

I agree with bluebird, however I wonder what kind of person would jeopardize the life of their friend over a status offense ticket?

gophfan10101Apr. 9, 13 5:00 AM

Sweet...another law to let these kids do whatever they want. You get caught drinking underage, you get a ticket. If you are so worried about getting one, don't drink. Simple. Why do we keep rewarding bad behavior? Its so sick.

nomedsApr. 9, 13 6:09 AM

Knowing that there isn't anything positive about drinking and getting drunk, why do people drink at any age?

djcrazyApr. 9, 13 6:13 AM

I was already of age and got grandfathered out back when they raised it. It used to be 19 in Minnesota and 18 in Wisconsin. It should be dropped back down to where it used to be. The age of majority is for all other purposes the legal definition of an adult. Why should this be any different? Even at age 47, I still don't agree with this law at all. The feds forced it on the states by tying highway funding to it. The drinking has not stopped. Many otherwise law abiding young adults end up with a criminal record due to this. The law has not worked and we see the other unintended consequences that have surfaced. This law really needs to be repealed and maybe the discussion of what age is the appropriate age for age of majority needs to be had.

nomedsApr. 9, 13 6:30 AM

Also when someone gets so drunk that medical personnel are needed, who pays for the medical personnel? Hopefully, not the taxpayers.

tcatheartApr. 9, 13 6:54 AM

21 year olds don't make good decisions regarding alcohol, so the way to improve that, according to some of you, is to make the legal age 19? How does that make sense? Until our country respects alcohol, nothing will change. Look at many of the countries in Europe. Many love their alcohol as much, if not more, then the US. However, NO ONE drinks and drives and they respect alcohol and understand it's dangers.

medvezhonokApr. 9, 13 7:01 AM

To those of you proposing to lower the drinking age to 19. They already did this and it backfired. I was one of those in the 70's allowed to drink after turning 18. if you think you have problems now with underage drinking wait until 19 year olds start buying the liquor for their close buddies. The drinking problem is what made them change the law back.

minneg56Apr. 9, 13 7:19 AM

Time to readjust the drinking age. 1. Beer and wine at 18- just in time for the summer before college for most. 2. Hard liquor at 20. 3. Raise the DRIVING age by a year to 17. 4. Erase the stigma of families who introduce their children (12 years old and above) to small amounts of alcohol as A FOOD product- ie. A small glass of wine with dinner. A couple of sips of beer with a brat. To send a kid to college without them being introduced to alcohol is a total disservice; it's naive and asking for trouble for the kid. I do understand that kids drink in middle school if they can get their hands on it. But if a healthy respect for alcohol was developed in the home it would take a lot of mystery out of 'clandestine' experiementation.


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