In Somalia, a window of opportunity

  • Article by: KEITH ELLISON
  • Updated: April 8, 2013 - 9:51 PM

The country has stabilized, and U.S. assistance can ensure that it becomes a security ally and trading partner.

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lordhawhaw1Apr. 8, 1311:22 PM

Please do not take any more of my hard earned money and give it to a 3rd world nation halfway across the globe that does not fall into our vital interests. How aboutinstead you give the money to my kids? After all, thanks to politicians like Elison my kids will one day grow up and inherit a stagnant economy and a crushing debt. What was that slogan again? Hope? I do hope WalMart is still hiring when my kids grow up.

melloncollieApr. 9, 13 7:15 AM

Obama is going to have our military train their people. What what the name of the prize Obama received? Nobel what?

melloncollieApr. 9, 13 7:16 AM

Ellison needs to inform his constituents they live here and he is a US Congressman. He has no business in Somalia.

kindaliberalApr. 9, 1310:19 AM

No troops on the ground. If we send aid let's pay for it by reducing spending elsewhere such as bringing troops home from Japan, Germany and many other places they are not needed.

valentino14Apr. 9, 1310:33 AM

Like it or not,the Keith Ellison's of the world are visionaries and their voices need to be heard. They remind us that the world is not only occupied by the HAVES. They are there to remind us of the most oppressed. Ellison's message is that there is hope and a place worth protecting against the wolves of humanity. We have blood investment in Somalia but withdrew when the going got tough. The fact that Somalia is pulling itself up by its own bootstraps is laudable. Our investment there and political pressure can bring about an international shared investment in embracing humanity vs. terrorism. Yes, the local issues at home are also pressing -- but helping those in Somalia who are helping themselves is an investment worth considering. Kudos to Keith Ellison for his grasp of the bigger historical and social picture in Africa and how that ties back to worldwide stabilityl

odinmanApr. 9, 1310:59 AM

@valentino14 - Touching, but the trouble is most any money that would be sent there would only line the pockets of those in charge and would do little to help the actual citizens. This has been proven time and again in places like Haiti. Billions donated and nothing to show for it. And besides that...the U.S. is 16 trillion in debt and counting. The taxpayers are tapped out and we are broke.

snowblohardApr. 9, 1311:03 AM

The country has stabilized and there is now a small window of opportunity to send them all home now that the refugee visa have expired.

melloncollieApr. 9, 13 2:38 PM

"Like it or not,the Keith Ellison's of the world are visionaries and their voices need to be heard". Then he should quit representing his district in MN and join the United Nations. His business is here and not in a 3rd world nation somewhere else in the world. He owes nothing to the people of Somalia and neither do we.

theruntApr. 9, 13 8:36 PM

Good to hear this news, Keith. I thought Somalia was doomed to eternal strife. Work like you're doing helps make the world a better place. Keep it up!

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