Excelsior's plans to build first hotel on Lake Minnetonka draws critics

  • Article by: Kelly Smith , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 8, 2013 - 2:09 PM

In Excelsior, residents wrangle over plans for hotel on the historic town’s lakefront.

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ElemmireApr. 6, 1310:15 PM

Has Excelsior ever been economically self-sustaining since the resorts and amusement park of last century shut down? How many people nowadays earn their living in town? As a resident of Excelsior who has seen shops come and go as often as the seasons, I can't object to a development that might help fill those empty storefronts and make them viable. I agree that Excelsior has a special character and we should respect that going forward, but I think we're lucky that someone with money and vision sees potential in that empty lot and wants our town to become a destination rather than a bedroom community.

wingknutApr. 6, 1310:23 PM

If there were hotels there a half a century ago, then why would building a new one ruin the historic character of this town?

garcialaterApr. 6, 1311:00 PM

Supporters say it will boost tourism and revenue. Revenue for who? A few business owners maybe, but the workers won't see any of that. And what else is "tourism" good for? I can't imagine how ugly a 4 story hotel would look on a lakeshore. Things like this, as well as giant gluttonous houses, really cause a decline in the natural environment. What used to provide a natural getaway turns into a shopping mall circus. I guess that's progress? Do they really need this or is it a way for a select few to turn a profit?

dakjr64Apr. 6, 1311:03 PM

I'm sure she means well...but for Judy Mueller to say the city just isn't the same as when she moved there in 1967 is about the most ridiculous thing I have heard!! What has stayed the same in 46 years?!?! We live 6 miles from Excelsior and spend lots of time in the downtown area going to shops and restaurants and bars. As boutique hotel it will be a great special occasion destination even for locals...and the way they designed it...you won't know it is 5 stories from the street.

potatoeApr. 6, 1311:29 PM

Of course it won't stay a hotel more than a few years. It will quickly go broke and then be sold as high priced lakefront condos. This is an effective way to end-around the extreme difficulty getting condos approved which would violate existing height restrictions and condo location restrictions.

texas_technomanApr. 7, 13 4:48 AM

If folks want to preserve the historic character then maybe they should consider rebuilding the amusement park, and Big Reggie's Danceland ( saw the Stones there...and The Litter more than once).....that's the historic Excelsior I remember.

davethedogApr. 7, 13 7:24 AM

I don't see anything wrong with a hotel on Minnetonka but they should keep it under 3 stories.

worldcitizenApr. 7, 13 8:06 AM

We should always consider the wilderness aspect of Lake Minnetonka.

OldYellarApr. 7, 13 8:36 AM

Devil's in the details. What will it look like? Pattern it after the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island and maybe it would be nice. I don't know Excelsior but maybe the preservation folks could still win by moving from just no, to ok but it must fit in.

thumbodyApr. 7, 13 8:48 AM

Ignore managed change or progress in this economy and you will truly perish. This council is stuck in the past. A happy medium or compromise should be the goal. Excelsior is certainly not flourishing now. This is not black and white but a grey issue.


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